Is there a movie about the upcoming saga?

innovation is in the air for nintendo fans: After commercially exceptional months for the flagship home franchise, he Super MarioJapanese video game production house may be about to launch a new project and Bring in even on the big screen the Legend of Zelda,

The saga probably needs no introduction; We’re talking about people who are completely clueless about video games The series debuted in 1986 and that, like super mario e pokemonOne of the jewels in Nintendo’s crown. the hero is link (And her name isn’t Zelda! Unless you want to offend fans of the game), a swordsman summoned to protect and Princess of the Kingdom of Hyrule from various dangers.

In almost forty years it has come to count 20 official titles that have crossed various platforms: ranging from the first two chapters released for the NES, to Ocarina of Time And Majora’s Mask Did nintendo 64therefore the era game cube, Nintendo DS And wii, Amidst the ups and downs, the franchise has always been successful and has repeated this in recent years: breath of the wild And tears of the kingdom has been acclaimed by critics and gamers, especially the latter (released in April 2023) has guaranteed itself 10/10 in voting Several industry publications.

if we add this to the same period Nintendo and Universal has seen around $1.3 billion flowing into its coffers Super Mario – Second highest-grossing animated film in history: also surpassed frozenThe record for the Arendelle sequel is not far off at 1.45 billion – it becomes clear why the Legend of Zelda Could be an adaptation. Rumor started by well-known insider to bring it back jeff snyder (via Jon Rocha), according to which Universal is finalizing details with Nintendo:

they told me Universal is making a big deal with Nintendo for The Legend of Zelda. This could be the next big franchise produced by Illumination and Nintendo, if everyone was expecting it. I know it’s going to happen.

Fans’ hopes and fears may now be out of control: Which story will be adapted? How else? Link is another officially voiceless protagonist of Nintendo games (he speaks, but we never hear him) and it is for this reason that many find an adaptation difficult. However, the fantasy setting is stimulating and a project like Super Mario can be just as successful.

What do you think? Would you like to see Link, Zelda and other heroes on the big screen? Tell us yours in the comments.

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