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Is this theory about Polka Dot Man correct?

A Theory About Polka Dot Man From The Suicide Squad began to haunt the internet. Quickly, James Gunn came out to speak and completely deny her.

The Suicide Squad hit theaters a few weeks ago, but it still continues to be one of the most talked about tapes on social media. To such an extent, that the public was fascinated with the story and characters, for which he began to create several theories about it. One of them focuses on Polka Dot Man, but James Gunn has already denied it.

James Gunn is very active on social media. For this reason, the director of The Suicide Squad It did not take long to learn about the theory that had as its protagonist Polka Dot Man, a character played by David Dastmalchian. According to fans, the reason the character was attached to Milton in the movie is because the character was created by Bill Finger, also known as Milton Bill Finger. However, the filmmaker denied the theory and even went further by ensuring that he was not too attached to Milton.

This said the director

“I don’t think Polka Dot Man thought of Milton much more than the others. But he always looks for the opportunity to make people feel sorry for him, so he pretends a supposed connection. I discussed this with David Dastmalchian before recording ”, James Gunn explained about The Suicide Squad character on his Twitter account. Apparently the only advantage of this character was having remembered the name of Milton, which is enough for him to feign an alleged attachment to him.

In this way, some fans called Polka Dot Man a sociopath, but a follower of James Gunn explained that people who suffer from severe depression often use these tactics to make him feel sorry for them, which was confirmed by the director of The Suicide Squad.

“A lot of people feel unloved at times and try to get love through perhaps not the healthiest ways. That doesn’t make him a sociopath! ” was the message with which James Gunn defended Polka Dot Man, a character who won the affection of fans thanks to the surprising performance of David Dastmalchian.

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