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Isabel Madow as Demi Rose, with an exquisite figure in a swimsuit

Having both voluptuous curves and being extremely flirtatious, Isabel Madow and Demi Rose, they could easily be a pair of lost sisters, thanks to a publication that the Mexican beauty shared, some netizens surely immediately remembered the british model.

Isabel madow It has stood out on its official Instagram account thanks to its content and the same applies to Demi Rose, however the blonde Mexican celebrity is not very constant in terms of its content.

Because there are few publications that are on Madow’s account, it is that Demi Rose could take the crown, however when she comes to share new content she immediately begins to have reactions.

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It should be noted that the difference in followers is also very large, despite this, those who follow the former secretary of Brozo on the morning show “Morning person“They are faithful to her and always give her love and reactions to her photos or videos.

In the publication that he made precisely on September 5, 2020, he is posing in profile, it is a publication that has two identical photos which you can appreciate at the same time due to the arrangement they have, although more than one of them are the same. their fans did not hesitate to see them carefully.

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The flirtatious model, actress and Mexican singer is wearing a Swimwear two-piece gold-plated, which are not so tiny, but small enough to show their huge charms.


Isabel Madow is posing in profile and it is thanks to the position in which she has her legs that her hips look even bigger than they are, so her back charms are an excellent sight for her fans.

Demi Rose also usually shares these types of images, only that she seems to be a little more voluptuous than Madow, this because she is short and Isabel is on the contrary quite tall, she measures 1.75 as for the British model 1.57, 18 centimeters less than the Mexican.

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She is often called the shorty of fire because with its content it immediately tends to raise the temperature of its millions of followers, something that the Mexican model could undoubtedly also do with her hand on her waist in the case of publishing in a way. constant like Demi Rose does.

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