Israel announces the interception of a drone in the Red Sea

The Israeli military announced on Saturday that one of its fighter jets successfully intercepted a drone that was approaching Israeli territory in the Red Sea region.

The Army said in a tweet:X“The threat has not penetrated Israeli territory.”

Hours earlier, Israeli army spokesman Avichay Adraee announced that interceptor missiles had been launched “against two suspected air targets in the Red Sea region.”

“The possibility of misdiagnosis is being examined,” he added.

According to Adraee, no violation of Israeli airspace was detected and the alarms were not activated in accordance with established policy.

The interception of the march coincided with the release of a second group of hostages held by Hamas after the October 7 attack on Israeli cities, under a four-day truce agreed to by both sides.

Israel had previously intercepted drones launched by the Houthi group over the Red Sea, and the latter claimed responsibility for launching missiles at Israeli sites in light of the war launched by the Jewish state against Hamas in Gaza.

The war broke out between Israel and Hamas following an unprecedented attack launched by the movement in the south of the Jewish state, which led to the killing of around 1,200 people, mostly civilians, most of whom died on the first day of The movement has kidnapped 240 hostages in Gaza, according to Israeli authorities.

The Jewish state threatened the Hamas movement with “elimination,” launched a massive campaign of aerial and artillery bombing and began ground operations starting Oct. 27, killing around 15,000 people, including thousands of children, according to the Hamas government.

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