Israel strikes the Kibalia refugee camp where it committed a massacre yesterday again! There are dead and wounded

Yesterday evening, the Israeli occupation army bombed the Shabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza, using 6 tons of bombs. The Gaza Ministry of Health stated that according to preliminary findings, at least 100 people lost their lives and hundreds of civilians were injured in the air attack. The Palestinian News Agency announced that Israel bombed the same camp again today.

Israel admits shooting civilians

The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that at least 100 people were martyred in the attack carried out by the Israeli occupation forces on the Kibalia refugee camp yesterday. Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari said in a press conference last night that they organized the attack. Hajri stated that they carried out the bombing to kill Hamas leader Ibrahim Bayari, and stated that they achieved their goal with the attack.

There were forces among the dead

The written statement issued by the Al-Qassam Brigades stated, “In yesterday’s massacre against the Kibalia camp, 7 civilian prisoners were martyred, 3 of whom carried foreign passports.” expression has been used.

They hit the same spot again today

While the world was talking about this massacre, Israel bombed the Sibaliya refugee camp again today. It was learned that many people lost their lives and many civilians were injured in the camp, where dozens of civilians took refuge.

Losses of life in 26 days reached 9 thousand

The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the number of deaths in Gaza as a result of the ongoing Israeli attacks for 26 days rose by 271 during the past 24 hours to reach 8,796. 3,648 of the dead were children.

One-day strike in the West Bank

A comprehensive strike was held in the occupied West Bank to protest the Israeli attack on the Jabalia refugee camp, where many civilians live in the besieged Gaza Strip. Banks, ministry institutions, schools, universities, and shops in the city of Ramallah in the West Bank announced that they would close their doors for a day. As part of the strike, all commercial establishments were closed except for bakeries and pharmacies.

The largest refugee camp in Gaza

Jabaliya is the largest of the eight refugee camps in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army has attacked the camp several times since the beginning of the war, including on October 9, 12, 19 and 22, killing hundreds of people. The camp includes three schools run by the United Nations that have been converted into shelters for hundreds of displaced families.

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