Israeli violations threaten Gaza truce agreement

Hamas: Israeli violations threaten Gaza truce agreement

From the Gaza Strip (AFP)

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On the second day of the truce between Israel and Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip, Taher al-Nunu, advisor to the head of the political bureau of Hamas, confirmed on Saturday that there are many violations on the Israeli side of the truce agreement it was announced between the movement and Israel and this endangers the entire agreement, he said.

Al-Nono added that the Israeli side “did not comply with the provisions regarding the entry of trucks carrying aid into the Gaza Strip and did not commit to providing aid to the northern part of the Gaza Strip, which threatens the entire agreement”. as reported by the Arab World News Agency.

He also added: “Israel has not adhered to agreed standards regarding the release of Palestinian prisoners. A flight of an Israeli reconnaissance plane was monitored south of the Gaza Strip and gunfire was opened in more than one location in the Gaza Strip, causing deaths and injuries.”

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“Any excuse is unacceptable.”

Al-Nono also stressed that Hamas is monitoring the terms of the agreement and that “our message to the Israeli side and the United Nations is that any excuse is unacceptable”, indicating the movement’s openness to the role of mediators and its willingness to seriously consider the possibility of reaching new business.

He pointed out that Hamas presented issues that were not included in the agreement, including the release of the Thai workers on Friday.

65 out of 340

In turn, Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan said that Israel is not adhering to its side of the truce agreement and that the movement has informed mediators of Israeli violations.

Hamdan added at a news conference on Saturday that Hamas remains committed to the truce sponsored by Egypt and Qatar that began on Friday.

He also added that a total of 340 aid trucks have entered Gaza since Friday, and that 65 of them have arrived in northern Gaza, which is less than half of what Israel agreed to.

A truce for 4 days

Interestingly, a 4-day truce between Israel and Hamas began on Friday.

Qatar, the main mediator, together with Egypt and the United States, has reached an extendable truce agreement, which provides for the exchange of 50 hostages held in Gaza for 150 Palestinian prisoners in Israel.

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