It a public scandal! Amanda Cerny opens the raincoat in the NY metro!


When you tap to leave the role of comic and humorist which has led him to be known in half the world, Amanda Cerny it makes the person more serious between the serious.

Look at that, it is rare to see her without that we think in laughter and more rare still is that you do something that has no iota of humor, because that’s not going with her, but once in a while you see that you want to teach the world or your life is all rosy and she also knows how to be formalthough only when you touch.

The ‘former friend’ of Lele Pons and now intimate Sommer Ray it seems you are good at it to think in ideas-profit organizations to increase revenue without abandoning that which led him to stardom.

In addition to having a body 10 to advertise to all that you come in wins and be one of the youtuber who lives of it, Amanda has been able to take part to his past as a girl Playboy but adapting it to their present and not to mention the clothes in the idea, that already does not take.

Says Amanda has currado a calendar for the year 2020 in which the protagonist is she. Twelve months of Amanda with twelve different photos, quotes to lift your mood and made from recyclable material, so that then not tell you not to care about the environment.

And as not think of another better way to say that the almanac is already available to everyone who wants to buy, the influencer puts on a trench coat of the film of spies down to the subway platform and just as the train passes by his side, Amanda wasbre the raincoat and leaves to see to all the passengers of the public transportation which takes you underneath the garment, a piercing vision of Amanda!

If this does not hang the poster run out in his calendars for sale is that people do not know what is good, or you do not know, everything can be.