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A magnificent obsession of all women, a style standard with a double zero. A design that transcends eras and trends, and a silhouette recognizable at first sight. Le Beach, part of the resistance house Longchamp, has all the ingredients that adorn the “it” label. Minus one: the price, which can reach hundreds of euros only for full leather versions, which, however, do not have the same charm. light chic made of nylon – practical, convenient, affordable – is also recycled today. It happens that Lyst hosts it ranked ninth most coveted fashion items in the second quarter of the year (plus 59% of searches on a site that tracks purchases, mentions, and interactions of over 200 million shoppers) and that TikTok, the true litmus test of today, makes it the best Generation Z’s new fetishin its Lilliputian version with the hashtag #lepliagemini, which has gained more than one and a half million views. Why do you like it? Because she is discreet about not falling into banality, she is not very rude, but charming; Practical, functional and yet iconic, with a history of outstanding know-how that has captivated celebrities and mere mortals, royalty and fashionistas..

the history of the longchamp le pliage bag, all the collaborations and celebrities who have worn itpinterest icon

Queen (too) of street style: Le Beach by Longchamp are now available in new colors and materials, including velvet.

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Suzy Menkes wrote in 2015 on british vogue: “It took 21 years because Le Beach moved from utility to fashion. But his secret is simple. Make it all the colors of the rainbow, patterned or solid, but always keep it useful.” Summing up; Loro Piana hat stands on quiet luxuryand Le Beach Longchamp stands for “optimistic luxury”. Because “luxury” is a multifaceted concept: it is not wealth or pomp. He’s not even alone know how and creativity. It’s more of a happy combination of the last two, a happy blend of inspiration and craftsmanship, spiced up with a pinch of uniqueness that avoids the obvious solutions that have already been seen. Own specificity Le Beach which, over a thirty-year honorary career, has become a canvas for artists and designers, redefining itself between originality and fidelity.

Longchamp: from pipes to accessories, from leather to nylon

AND Jean Cassegrain– a pioneer between the thirties and forties in exquisite leather finishes on pipes – to have an intuition founded in 1948. Longchamp, expanding production from smokers’ products to small leather goods. Unable to use the family surname (which was already used by another relative), he resorts to Longchamp, a label with a history of anecdotes and curiosities; between mills, hippodromes and the artist’s seal. The logo, in fact, is the work of designer Turenne Chevaliero and depicts a galloping horse as a nod to equestrianism.

The brand name, on the other hand, is an allusion to the mill near Longchamp, which Mr. Cassegrain meets every morning on his way to the family business. The mill is thus the place where the grain “breaks” and becomes a semantic link to the brand’s patent. When does big popularity come? Since the sixties. President de Gaulle opened Paris Orly airport in 1961, and Jean had a second, happy intuition: to open a Longchamp boutique right there, in the stream of cosmopolitan passengers and curious visitors who watched take-offs and landings in what was then the only Parisian terminal. When Philippe, son of Jean, took over from his father in Longchamp in 1972, he invested heavily in luggage, opening up new markets and new materials, including nylon., until then a military exclusive to lighten the weight of bags and bags. The seed of the icon is already here, but it will take another journey to solidify the idea that will become a myth…

Le Beach: an icon with a thousand collaborations

Returning from a trip to Japan in 1992, Philippe draws bag inspired by origami art: it has a trapezoidal shape, a flap with a button and is made of brightly colored nylon with a double Russian leather handle. He calls her Le Beach because its plus is precisely that it folds into (almost) infinite parts, becomes pocketable and does not degrade the function to the point of being a quirk. It’s slim but roomy, fits into the smallest space of a suitcase and comes out undamaged, ready to fit. necessity and not only.

The success is unexpected and at the same time deafening and Le Beach becomes a bestseller from 30 million copies sold (until 2022), a constantly changing offer from the house of Longchamp, reinventing itself year after year. Tracey Emin and Sarah Morris, Mary Katranzu and Shane Oliver, Kate Moss, Andre Saraiva and Jeremy Scott are revisiting it, each updating it in their own style. which – in a long collaboration lasting ten years and twenty seasons – are made of Le Beach pop and irreverent icon; playful, imaginative and with a Warhol accent. Today Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, creators toilet paper who, with provocation in their DNA, ridicule the styles of France and brands, inviting them to re-read Le Beach. The capsule, which went on sale July 18, is an energy boost for super classics: a foal that soars in the clouds and a pug that smokes a pipe. Or even an ambiguous properly licked banana, or a baguette cross sealed with a formidable skull. In short, an unsettling caption that makes you think, giving everyone the opportunity to read what they want in the images.

“For Longchamp, the combination of fashion and art has always been an important source of inspiration. We were delighted with the unique way toilet paper combines references to art, fashion and pop culture with a good dose of humor. We thought their bold aesthetic and carefree approach to life were in tune with Longchamp’s colorful and upbeat vision of luxury,” explained Sophie Delafontaine, artistic director of the house, regarding the collaboration, putting the brand on this exception. optimistic luxury which determined its success, bringing it closer to the very youth who hang out on the Chinese social network, as well as to the superstars who have always liked bags with a trapeze silhouette.

From Kendall Jenner to Jessica Alba, from Alexa Chung to Kate Middleton: to each his own Beach

Make it a list celebrities loyal to the Longchamp icon, it’s almost impossible because over the years it has been worn by everyone: royalty and fashion girls, actresses and prime ministers. Yes, they did too, as former Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May preferred the extreme comforts of life. Le Beachbackpack version. To stay in that United Kingdom is impossible not to mention Kate Middletona fan of this bag since university days, today it is often chosen in black or brown, in accordance with the principles of sobriety of the Palazzo and, unlike her sister Pippa, has repeatedly come under the radar of the paparazzi. Le Beach in bright red.

the history of the longchamp le pliage bag, all the collaborations and celebrities who have worn itpinterest icon

Kate Middleton chooses Le Beach Longchamp also on graduation day at St. Andrew’s University in 2005

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What if Jessica Alba love version deluxe from exquisite plain leather, Miley Cyrus AND Rita now they want it to be pop music properly typed by Jeremy Scott’s quirkiness.

the history of the longchamp le pliage bag, all the collaborations and celebrities who have worn itpinterest icon

Miley Cyrus in 2014 with maxi Le Beach signed by Jeremy Scott

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Kendall Jenner he has a collection, but what stands out among them is Le Beach custom madepersonalized with the initials of his name, in a perspective that brings craftsmanship closer to the street world, testifying to Longchamp’s desire for reinvention.

the history of the longchamp le pliage bag, all the collaborations and celebrities who have worn itpinterest icon

Alexa Chung in 2011 with her Le Beach

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And then again Jennifer Lopez AND Julia Roberts, Katie Holmes AND Gigi Hadid, Alexa Chung– featured in the brand’s advertising campaigns and co-author of limited editions – e Lily Collins what’s under the guise Emily (in Paris) store seasonal vegetables Le Filet Beach, the consumer’s purchase of products is another sign of the house’s evolutionary ability to adapt its symbolism to the modern world. After all, the secret of success is here.

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