It Bikini bomb! Sommer Ray dares, puts it and you will see that!


Wrist fitness, Sommer Raydares to launch a publication with which scorches on his Instagram. With a perfect body and a seductive bathing suit in white, the model shows his muscular and very well-worked legs. All a work of art.

The u.s. likes to pose and show off her statuesque figure with natural tan and long hair. This athlete and fan of the fitness is very rigorous with your exercise routine, which is noticeable in the publications of their social networks, which serve as inspiration for many of his followers.

His hobby runs in the family, as she grew up with a father body builder competition and a mother to their 55 years looks like 25. All thanks to the care and physical training, in addition to the good food. She is the product of all the qualities and attributes of their parents.

Sommer Ray, the apprentice who surpasses the master

What began in a way funny and entertaining with his mother, has enabled it to position itself and at the same time become a whole personality of Instagram and YouTube. Has succeeded in capturing to 23 million followers, and reached 1.5 million subscribers on his channel, not counting more than 65 million views on their videos. This transformed her into a celebrity of social networks.

Although many compare his style with that of his mother, Shannon Ray, Sommer is authentic, and more natural, getting mark a unique style that characterizes it. The school teacher will always be present, but are assimilated according to their personality. In addition, the delicate Sommer is very charismatic and sympathetic, something that attracts and seduces many of his fans.

The native of Denver, Colorado, has become a trend among people looking for excellent physical condition. Bring their tips, secrets of training and nutrition. Sommer Ray leads to the influencers of the fitness.