it burns the screen ! (PHOTO)


Attention to the eyes ! Astrid Nelsia a new photo of her unveiled in a bikini on Instagram ! The users found it canon !

Hot in front of ! Astrid Nelsia is yet to come hit on Instagram ! In fact, the candidate of the reality tv show, just posted a wonderful picture of her in a bikini on Instagram… MCE TV tells you more !


The temperature comes from driving for a bit on Instagram ! The reason for this ? Hasstrid Nelsia in fact, in parts of a cliché, that small outfit on Instagram ! The picture ex-SisiK wearing a small bikini, orange, raises his perfect body !

The user, and in particular the fans, the Astrid, were so many react to the publication ! In fact, le-post accumulated more than 50 000 likes… A true record for the beautiful brunette ! It also lets you think about what wonderful picture below ! Astrid is ultra-sexy !

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A publication released Astrid Nelsia 🍜💍 (@nelsia_astrid) the

Astrid Nelsia, in love to your beloved football players

On the photo Astrid Nelsia is laying in the snow ! In fact, this cliché, the date of the last ski holiday with your loved one ! This has even taken the time to mark his new lover in the legend ! In fact, she writes : “Bébé, it’s cold outside @mathedosacraa_ “ For your information, the favorite of Astrid Matheus Vieira (21 years old) is called. The young man, as a professional player in the club of Nyon (Switzerland), striker.

The users are very many of them have commented on the post by Astrid Nelsia ! In fact, you have found all of the canon in her bikini orange ! “To be in this beautiful image, Astrid ! You really have an incredible body ! “ Or :” But what an atom bomb this Astrid ! Big kiss to you and your treasure, you’re the best of all the two ! “ Can you read the social network… What to do with the beautiful brunette is very happy !