It can’t be! Miley Cyrus popped in there for all of their dancers on the stage!


Cyrus got caught up in several controversies because of his behavior, according to several media outlets

Miley Cyrus is, without a doubt, the actress, the more he was with Disney at any time, because remember, this protagonizava the famous Hannah Montana, a few years ago.

For his part in the Disney-Miley, you have a large number of people now-a-day role, they were also surprised at the move as a resounding puestoque Cyrus and in the series it showed to be an innocent girl who only hides her artistic side.

Most recently, in its official account of Instagram for us to find a video that has left everyone affected, because it can look like Miley Cyrus comes on stage and all of a sudden, another hit to your close to and placed in the blisters.

The video, which we quote as follows: “That one time me and a drunk Santa came to the big Christmas uppppp! Hope everyone’s on the Jingle Ball tour this year, and is having as much fun as me and the 3 reindeer did after the show

Among the comments from their fans, we can point out: “oh lorddd music, or always high asf*” “‘PARTY IN THE USA”, “LOVE YOU SO MUCH” “oh lorddd music or the always high-asf**” “Ever, she was definitely high while doing this”, “Story called” let’s party”.