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It comes to light why Kate Middleton made Meghan cry at her wedding

Meghan explained then: “A few days before the wedding, she was disgusted by something related to the girls’ dresses and that made me cry, it hurt my feelings. I thought that, considering the context of everything that was happening those days, and knowing what was going on with my father, it didn’t make sense not to support me like everyone else was doing. […] He sent me flowers and a note apologizing. He did what I myself would have done if I knew I had hurt someone, to take responsibility.”

Prince Harry Marries Ms. Meghan Markle - Windsor Castle
From what you can see in this photo of Meghan and Harry’s wedding, the girls did not bring stockings, which was the supposed reason for the little fight between Meghan and Kate.

It’s now, four months after that statement, in one of the magazine’s columns. Vanity Fair France it has delved a little deeper into this little dispute between the duchesses.

Apparently the big fight of the dresses of the little bridesmaids was due to the use of the stockings, a subject of real protocol more than anything. “It was hot, but Kate wanted to follow protocol and have girls wear stockings (including Charlotte), Meghan objected, they fought… tears ran down both sides before returning to order,” the post reads.

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