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It doesn’t stop working! Kendall Jenner advertises a popular brand on her networks

USA. – Kendall jenner shared a new collaboration with the women’s clothing brand “Hello”, Which focuses on sportswear. The model has worked with them on other occasions and has said that she usually enjoys wearing comfortable clothes on a day-to-day basis. Which is one of the most marked styles of the 25-year-old model.

Kendall collaborates with several fashion and cosmetic brands, especially those owned by her sisters. But now he is more aware of new designers due to his new position in the publication and online store “FWRD”. In it, the model should look for different garments that go with the style of the brand and that also highlight her own, remember that Kendall jenner it is a fashion icon.

Many young women follow their style to dress closely, what is most striking is that it is very easy to recreate. Well, the model likes to wear basic garments combined with some pants that attract more attention, a combination that does not usually fail. Perhaps due to the great influence she has on fashion trends, she was chosen to be the creative director of “FWRD”.

Instagram: Kendall Jenner

“Hello” The clothing line he collaborated with today has several garments that closely resemble those worn by Kendall jenner and also seeks to combine in the same way as the model. This is a whole sales strategy, especially having Jenner as one of the main faces of the brand. Some of her products may end up in the catalog that the young woman must put together.

Kendall has let fans know that she will soon be revealing new details about her roles in the online store and how she came to consider the position. At the moment we can only see the video made with Vogue, where it is reflected how Kendall performs her first task as a creative director.

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