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It goes out on Fridays with a luxurious staging

Shipments will be weekly through Instagram every Friday. A program to schedule and not miss any edition to stay up to date

Binance Argentina premiered this month Binance TV, an informative television program, to the best New York late night style, with all the news from the crypto world combined with irony and humaro.

Maximiliano hinz, Latam Operations Director of Binance, comment to iProUP that the program “It is part of the work that we are doing in Binance Argentina of educate our community in the world of cryptocurrencies “.

“Our goal is for them to be aware of what is happening and we are constantly looking new communication methods. We have already been doing it on our channel Telegram, with webinars on YouTube, with instructional videos on Instagram and news in the Blog. We felt that this was the next step, “he completes.

During the broadcasts, topics on: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the entire universe of cryptocurrencies. Each episode lasts five minutes, combining news, information and a lot, a lot of humor.

Binance Tvto

Binance Acedemy is joined by TV

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A dynamic proposal that seeks, in addition to informing, generate entertainment in this field that has more and more followers all over the world.

“We work with a team of expert scriptwriters in the crypto world who is in charge of putting together the base of the program while later a group of comedians and content generators elaborate it to be suitable for all audiences, although never losing the essence that it is a crypto newscast that seeks to promote information, knowledge and at the same time entertain“Hinz says.


Binance TV arrives: with style 'late night'  New Yorker, how is the program that informs about the bitcoin world

Each episode is watched by thousands of Spanish-speaking fans that, in addition, actively participate in the selection of topics to deal with, the generation of content, and the exchange of news in this volatile world that, like the value of cryptocurrencies, is updated every 5 seconds.

“We found the adequate frequency to properly develop what happens. The idea is to present relevant news, so a daily frequency could become tedious for those on the other side. The idea is that the format is spontaneous but interesting“, reveals the executive the expert.

The first episode was about PSG news and new Fan Tokens. “Those who have it have access to certain benefits such as exclusive discounts or meeting the players. This token is in Binance “, comments in the emission the conductor of the program, Manu Candal.

What’s more. Hinz comments that the format of Binance TV makes it possible for followers to see it at any time. In a travel by bus or while waiting for something. Being a capsule of less than 10 minutes you don’t have to organize to see it.

“It was very attractive as a method of consuming information. More than 10% of our followers watch the program during the first hour of publication“, he assures.


Binance TV arrives: with style 'late night'  New Yorker, how is the program that informs about the bitcoin world

During the second meeting, they discussed which is the country with the highest adoption of the crypto and how the market is changing, commenting on the main players.

The shipments are of five minutes with great dynamism and recommendations on the new currencies. The meeting is every Friday on Binance Argentina’s social networks.

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