It happened to her hand! Look at how lucy Yanet Garcia before the surgery it doesn’t seem it!


Yanet García has been criticized for his various surgeries

Yanet Cristal Garcia San Miguel best known as Yanet Garcia is a young mexican woman of 29 years of age that has managed to conquer all with his beautiful physique.

Remember that Yasmin was a presenter on a popular TV program and for this reason has a large number of fans, specifically 13 million What a big number!

And the day today digging a bit on YouTube we found a video that has left us with the mouth open as it highlights all the “aesthetic operations” that has been the girl of the weather.

What is certain is that the beautiful Yasmin on several occasions has stated that it has not been done surgery what do you what do you think?

The video of which you speak has collected a large number of comments, and among them we highlight: “money makes miracles.. but is still feita” “jajajjaja is operated to the bone.”