“It is a tribute of Diego to the ball”

Victor Hugo and the moving account of Maradona's last game: "It is a tribute of Diego to the ball"

There are dates burned into memory. Facts that remain forever. Phrases that are impossible to erase. One of them: “I was wrong and paid, but the ball is not stained”. Today they are fulfilled 20 years of that iconic claim. From that message to a Bombonera full of fans. In front of a world that, through tears, dismissed Fluff of football.

That November 10, 2001On the Boca court, a farewell friendly was played between the Argentine National Team and the “Rest of the World”, a team of international stars. The meeting was organized to say goodbye to 10, who had retired from professional football in 1997.

The tribute

This Wednesday, at 10:10 a.m., 20 years after this historic date in the history of sport, AM750 paid tribute to Maradona. He did it, neither more nor less, than through the voice of Victor Hugo Morales and his account of that match.

“An encounter that is a tribute, a tribute to Diego, from Diego to the ball and from the ball to the football “, starts the unmistakable voice of the driver of The morning.

And he continues: “Football that has summoned us all on so many occasions and that is a balm. A relief from so much suffering as has been each of Diego Armando Maradona’s appearances “.

“Never in history has football been able to give so many emotions as through Diego Armando Maradona”

Victor Hugo Morales, during the game farewell to Diego Maradona

“Impressive what is happening at the moment: Diego Armando Maradona with a ball in his hands and on his head, amid the chopped pieces of paper, the smoke from the flares and rockets, accompanied by his daughters. Diego Armando Maradona is on the field walking with Burgos, with Piojo López, “Maradona said when the 10th came out on the field.

“Raise your arms Diego and thanks his people, his people who never forget him, who always takes it into account in all stadiums and that when football is missing, as if wanting to summon the angels, he begins to shout for Maradona, “he continued.

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