It is at odds with Kylie Jenner, the new earrings you put on a Stormi


This is the problem that the child has a child“These are a few of the comments that have been received Kylie Jenner the new accessories are Stormi…

A few days ago, Kylie is presumiĆ³ on his Instagram of the new accessories that you put in your baby’s Stormione fine arracadas in gold with his name engraved on it in cursive handwriting.

Let’s go, best friend!“: wrote a Case on the side of a beautiful series of photos.

Although it’s small, it looks amazing and it’s beautiful arracadas, Has to have rained criticism from his followers, therefore ensuring that they are not suitable for a 2 year old girl. These are just a few of the comments:

  • Imagine that you put rings of gold for it, heavy in the ears of your child.
  • “She doesn’t look beautiful with these earrings, you you you you you should dress her up as a little girl of her age.
  • “Anyone who puts on the earrings, well, a baby?”
  • “Like earrings for the giants, and the ears of a baby??? It’s cute until she takes off and opens up his little wolf.”
  • “Ear-ring… I am Not your enemy, but I have to say that it’s dangerous for this age.
  • “This is the problem that the child has a child“.

So far, Charlotte has not been taken in response to those concerns, but that Stormi is so in love with your arracadas, that is, deciding not to steal from them. So he told Charlie when he asked the question,”I can make these earrings, please, please, please?

Stormi said: “No!

What have I got?“: Found Case.

You say it is?, do you believe that these earrings are not suitable to Stormi?

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