“It is clear to Me how important I am to many”: why Paty Navidad sparked a new controversy on Twitter


The actress Patricia Christmas he returned to spark a controversy on Twitter and, as has happened on other occasions, responded to the attacks.

This time it all started because, new account, put in doubt the pandemic by coronavirus.

“Covid-19 … Something very strange happens in hospitals of the USA, they are empty, where were the sick …?”, he asked.

He later wrote: “The ‘Coronavirus’ has always existed, as many viruses, bacteria,etc, will Remember the information they gave us at the beginning, ‘Is less than a normal flu or flu’, at what point it became what you now say it is? that short memory, and that a great fear of what’s out there.”

And before the responses you received made a call to the people. “Let’s burn hospitals, each person who has close, do not inform the hour or day, if it is true we work together and help, if it is a lie, expongámoslo, the doubts can only be removed that way, if they are full it is important to check that they are actual diagnoses of Covid. How’s it going?”.

His comments sparked a new scandal in the social network and dozens of responses aggressive against you.

Some dismissed it as irresponsible for sending people to hospitals, because that carries a risk of contagion.

We also shared information of proven cases of people who have died by COVID-19.

Christmas he asked the people not to become infected with the virus of fear and he regretted that every day increase more the economic crisis without seeming import.

The actress also came out to respond to those who have attacked it.

In another message he lamented the violence of the people to their opinions, because the attack and insult them showing off their knowledge superior, but do not express themselves with respect.

And, according to the actress, it was to those people who invited to go to hospitals.

The actor Eugenio Derbez also became the target of attacks on Twitter to spread the letter of a doctor in Tijuana who asked him to help with the Clinic, 20 of the IMSS.

“What helplessness, and what a shame that we are going through this when it’s a month and a half was coming and nothing was done. What sadness, what helplessness, and what a shame,” said the actor at the end of the clip.

According to the specialist who came to the actor, they were not counted with medical supplies to adequately address the pandemic, but the IMSS in Baja California said they were fake news.

Even the producer Epigmenio Ibarra called Derbez to rectify your information and in another message he said: “To disseminate fake news @EugenioDerbez produce panic and saturation, before time, of the hospital system to which the old regime had been virtually demolished,” he wrote Ibarra in the social network.”

Derbez insisted on his sayings ei even Jaime Bonilla, governor of the entity, confirmed the deficiencies in the hospitals and pledged to send medical supplies.

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