“It is key to its success that people come to see it the first week”

Juan Manuel Cotelo placeholder image premieres on December 3 his new film / musical about the family: Let’s have the party in peace. The number of cinemas the film reaches depends largely on the help they receive from the viewers themselves, in two phases: from now until the opening day, and in the first week of showing.

From now on, anyone can request that the film be screened in their favorite room, through this link: https://www.tengamoslafiestaenpaz.com/pidela/

We spoke with Juan Manuel himself about some of the most important aspects of the film.

The release date of the film is approaching Let’s have the party in peace, what are your feelings before the aforementioned premiere?

Very excited to see the reaction of the public. We trust that the film will not only be liked and entertained, but above all that it will help to unite more the families of the spectators. LET’S PARTY IN PEACE is a kind and simple invitation to love each other more in our own family, overcoming any small divisions that may arise. I have already been able to see the film with a small group of spectators and their reactions have been wonderful: lots of laughter, joy, hope and some tears of emotion.

Is this musical comedy different in any way from anything you’ve been doing so far?

I always avoid doing something that I have done before. Because repeating yourself is extremely boring for yourself and for any viewer. Therefore, none of our jobs is the same as any previous one. TENGAMOS LA PARTY IN PEACE is distinguished in its forms, for being a musical comedy, which differentiates it from everything we have done before in the INFINITO + 1 Foundation. Although all our films, in different forms, have the same: we want to give to know the very good news of the Gospel, with joy, through audiovisual language. We are never going to change that. The news of the Gospel is always current and new, it is never a story of the past. And it can be counted in a thousand different ways, all valid.

How has it taken the double effort to get funding and then shoot it or has it been more of a pleasure than an effort?

It was a job. And like all jobs, obviously it takes effort. But it is a wonderful effort. In our case, it is teamwork, which is very rewarding. HAVE THE PARTY IN PEACE has been produced thanks to the sum of many donations, by people who are not satisfied with being spectators or critics, but who want to be protagonists of evangelization through cinema. This is revolutionary and hopeful. If each baptized person accepted their role in evangelization, the world would change. If we just observe or criticize, nothing will change.

The argument is original and even transgressive, since it is the children who punish their parents … What was he trying to do with this search for the world upside down …?

Surely it is not the first film in which this change of roles is considered. We have looked at the children’s perspective, we have given them a voice to express what they want from their parents. The voice of children is not contaminated by ideological, political, economic or sociological arguments, typical of adults. The voice of children is the voice of the pure desire for love and unity, which we all carry in our hearts.

Of the latest comedies that have been made, it reminds me a bit of Santiago Segura, where children rebel against adults, although you are looking for something more than to make people laugh …

Laughing is essential if you produce a comedy. And that the songs are great is essential, if you produce a musical. But both the laughter, the music, the photography, the set, the costumes … all of this is at the service of a higher goal: reaching the viewer’s heart with an invitation to love more. If that invitation does not arrive, if it is only fun with a good finish, I feel that we have done an incomplete job, because we are not satisfied with entertaining, entertainment being something fundamental. During 20 years of profession, I settled for entertaining and informing, with having a large audience in the programs that I did for TV, today I aspire to something more than that. And thank God, it happens.

But it is the drive and firmness of the children that prevents the family from breaking up … perhaps many breakups are due to childish and selfish attitudes of the spouses?

Each love story is different, we cannot – or at least I find myself unable to do so – judge anyone. And I try to focus my gaze on how I love my wife, my daughters, my parents, brothers, friends … instead of thinking about what others should do. It is the only analysis that really interests me.

Is the ability to forgive and forget the grudge the most powerful message in the film?

Each viewer will find their own message. I hope that it is not a theoretical message with which to agree, but that it provokes a concrete reaction of greater love, in the life of each family.

Watching the trailer, it is striking that the religious element is apparently not explicit, but the background of the importance of the family being united is deep.

I cannot separate the religious from any human reality. I do not find anything in life, or in any person, that is separate from our condition as sons and daughters of God. I see the presence of God in everything and everyone. And very clearly, in our condition of brothers and sisters. Why do we say that we are brothers to each other? We can take this phrase as a beautiful idea, but purely poetic, or understand it and accept it at face value. We are really all brothers, children of a single God, who is the Father and Creator of all, also of those who do not know him or do not love him. Our condition as “family beings” is so ingrained in our nature that it is not even necessary to use religious arguments to accept and protect it. Human brotherhood is a patent good in the eyes of anyone. A good that can be lost, if it is not taken care of. The breakup of a family is painful for anyone. And the family unit is a treasure valued by anyone.

Obviously it is seen that the film is aimed at a very wide audience as it is a very nice comedy that can be seen by everyone and can be seen as a family.

The challenge was to come up with a movie that adults and children could enjoy at the same time. And that, both the grown-ups and the little ones, he invited them to love each other more in their own family. The film will have different readings for each viewer, but in the same direction: love, which is not a volatile feeling, but has practical and concrete consequences, always. A love only felt is worth nothing. A love translated into acts of service is true love.

In how many cinemas is it going to premiere in Spain? Is there any other country interested?

The number of cinemas depends largely on the help we receive from the audience themselves, in two phases: from now until the opening day, and in the first week of the exhibition. From now on, anyone can request that the film be screened in their favorite room, through this link: https://www.tengamoslafiestaenpaz.com/pidela/

The more people request it from the same city, the more chances we have of convincing the programmers of that room. If we already have 30 rooms, it is thanks to the people who have requested it, helping us a lot with that little gesture. But also, if they go to the cinema in the first week of the exhibition, the help is also very important. Because there are many exhibitors who wait for the results of the first week on the billboard, to make decisions about the projection of a title in their room. Hence, we insist that whoever wants to see WE HAVE THE PARTY IN PEACE, go to the cinema as soon as possible, starting on December 3. The film is the same in the first days as later, but the effect caused by the first viewers is very important, not only for Spain but for the rest of the countries of the world. Our previous films have been released in 39 countries, thanks to the very good reception in each country. That causes the “domino effect”.

Speaking in football slang, do you think this movie is going to eat the nougat?

In football terms, we want this film to be the beginning of a comeback, on a social level, of the defeat that the family has received in recent years. We have scored goals from every corner, the family has been beaten from public institutions, and through the media. The main natural refuge of any person, which is the family itself, has become a territory of war. But … we are going to win this game … if we do something, of course. If we don’t just complain. HAVE THE PARTY IN PEACE is a move to attack, in defense of the family. Let’s start by stopping the goals and let’s start playing on the attack, to score goals, with a happy, dynamic, fun, winning game. And we will turn the result around.

Why should no Spanish family stop watching this movie?

No family should be broken, neither in Spain nor in any other corner of the world. And that is not a matter of luck, but a demanding and precious task that lasts a lifetime. The family unit is a fragile treasure that we must protect with all our strength, at least with the same strength with which we protect our material assets or the health of our children, from any threat. AND LET’S HAVE THE PARTY IN PEACE encourages them to give their lives for their own family, whatever the cost.

By Javier Navascués

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