“It is not about taking advantage”

There are almost two months until the Conmebol Qualifiers restart in their almost decisive stage, but the decision of the National Professional Soccer Association of Chile to play against the Argentina team in Calama generated a stir as if the match was this weekend. With the height of 2,260 meters above sea level, La Roja wants to defeat the team of Lionel scaloni.

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Despite the fact that many, especially in Argentina, criticized this change of location in Chile to take advantage of a factor external to football, from the leadership they assure that in reality they do not seek to harm the Albiceleste. At least that was what Francis Cagigago said, sports director of Chilean national teams.

Chile will play at the height against Argentina and then travel to La Paz.

Chile will play at the height against Argentina and then travel to La Paz.

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The Chilean manager revealed why the ANFP chose this particular venue, which had never been the scene of a qualifying game before. According to your explanation, The rival has nothing to do with it, who arrives at a great moment, with an extensive undefeated and already qualified for the next Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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In reality, Cagigago assured that it has much more to do with the Red’s next commitment on that double FIFA date, after the clash against Argentina. “There is a determination on our part and in the next 24 hours there must be a final resolution. When a determination of this type is made, it is not for an advantage”the sports director began.

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Then, he commented that the duel against Bolivia as a visitor is the main reason for leaving the San Carlos de Apoquindo Stadium, of the Catholic University, where Martín Lasarte’s team played home in this tournament: “We have two games, the second is in La Paz and there are difficulties to play there.”

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“If we can have an adaptation phase even if it is minimal and work in Calama, it can give us a better adaptation“Cagigago commented. And he said that Chile and Argentina will be on an equal footing: “It is not just about taking advantage in the first game, which could be minimal, those who come from Europe have to adapt to the first game in whatever way and that is for both teams.”

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Tagliafico, the Argentine who already played at the Zorros del Desierto Stadium.

Tagliafico, the Argentine who already played at the Zorros del Desierto Stadium.


Although everything is directed so that Zorros del Desierto is the stage of the duel between the Red and Lionel messi and company, must still be made official and for that we must determine some technical and bureaucratic issues that are currently underway, but are not yet fully finalized.

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Chile will host Argentina without Vidal.  AP

Chile will host Argentina without Vidal. AP

“It remains to see the sports logistics. I visited Calama at the end of February convinced that we could prepare the match with Ecuador there, but then it was suspended. On the other hand, we await the final resolution of both the airport and the stadium itself. The feelings are positive in the sense that everything will be ready to play there“said Cagigago.

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La Roja has almost no margin of error in these four games that still have to play in the Qualifiers. He is currently sixth, one point behind Peru, which is the one in the playoff zone. Although in numbers the outlook is encouraging, the challenge is the fixture: after Argentina and Bolivia, it will close in March against Brazil and Uruguay.

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