It is not The function Of the Dark Mode WhatsApp, Here is The solution can


Recently WhatsApp, a new feature has. Features that WhatsApp have managed to users is called dark mode or night mode.

Users of the most popular apps in the world, the function of the dark mode via 4 can. March 2020 for Android and iOS users.

The function of the dark mode seems to be one of the features that an attempt should not be, because the use of these features, the appearance of WhatsApp is too bright.

The appearance of the dark mode display the screen to something more dim or the brightness is reduced, so the view of the user to offer more comfort.

One of the advantages is the function of the dark mode to save battery power, especially when the Display with OLED or AMOLED.

With the dark mode, there is also considered to be, can help those who suffer from migraines, decrease the burden on the eyes, a bed so much the better.

But at this time, although the dark mode has been started, not all of the WhatsApp user in the enjoyment of the function.

The function of the dark mode in WhatsApp, user can follow the steps below. However, if you still not, well, then the user must wait until the update of WhatsApp drop in their phones.

  1. Install WhatsApp app latest Android and iOS
  2. Open the WhatsApp app, and then select the icon of the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Select the “settings” menu, then select the “Chats”.
  4. Go to the menu “theme”. There is a choice between two settings, the first “light” in the display settings is on normal. And the second, “Dark” for the dark look.

If WhatsApp, which we use, not updated to the latest version. You should renew immediately, the version of WhatsApp you.

Renew WhatsApp. You can saegera you open the Google Play Store

  1. Enter WhatsApp in the search box
  2. After the WhatsApp application is open, click refresh.
  3. But if there is no option to update to WhatsApp, the user must wait until the update is finished, the mobile phone of the user.

While this is not all WhatsApp users will be able to memnggunakan has a dark mode on your phone, so that I have to wait and be patient.