IT IS UNIQUE: This is how it is to play and share a team with Lionel Messi according to Sergio Ramos

The scenario seemed impossible, but it happened. Sergio Ramos left Real Madrid after 16 seasons, while Lionel messi He left FC Barcelona after an incomparable 21-year relationship. And both ended up at PSG, a club whose main objective is to sit on the European throne.

After finally making his debut as a player for the Parisian club (he returned from a 207-day injury), the Sevillian central defender attended the microphone of ESPN. In that interview, they asked him about the current moment of the Argentine genius and what it has been like to be his teammate.

SR4 had nothing but positive words.

Lio is a unique player and, for the world champion, it is a privilege to share the court with him. They were rivals for a long time, but now they will be fighting for the same goals.


“I see it well. In the end, Leo is a very decisive player, he is a unique player. And it is a privilege to have him on the team. Little by little, together, I believe that each one of us is going to contribute our grain of sand, to try to make Paris bigger and to try, at least, the objectives we want to achieve ”.


– ESPN journalist: “Is Leo your favorite for tomorrow, for the Ballon d’Or?”
– Sergio Ramos: “Yes, obviously, I always defend those who are on my team. So, nothing, I wish him all the luck in the world ”.


“At the beginning it was strange, after so many years being rivals, being both he and I captains of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. So many Classics played against, so many fights we have had on the court. But it was always there, we always respected each other, no matter how much we were rivals. And the truth is that today having him as a partner is a show and little by little I believe that he is already joining us. And hopefully he will play as quickly as possible, because he will be a fundamental player to also fight with the objectives “, reported the 10 of Argentina, in an interview with the Brand newspaper.

Undefeated data. Sergio Ramos (45) and Lionel Messi (45) are the players who have played the most Classics in Spain in all of history. Total legends.

Did you know…? Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos arrived as free agents at PSG. Galactic bargains.

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