It reacts Kiernan Shikpa to be confused with Emma Watson


Kiernan Shipka was confused with Emma Watson and his answer is, it will make you laugh

In the Instagram the actress has over 6 million followers, updated its feed with a photoa selfie with a black dog, as always, their followers were not stopped comment and give heart.

The account name @aspratalkies13, with 58 followers commented ‘So beautiful Emma Watson’, to which the actress of the series from Netflix, answered:

Thanks, I spent an amazing time filming Harry Potter and I’m really excited about all the new projects that I’m doing now

The photo with more than a million likes and the comment the fan has more than 4 thousand I like, no end of responses from other followers that speak of the star of Sabrina has a great sense of humor, his reply was epic.

Kiernan 20-year-old took the comment with much humor and demonstrated that it is fun answering him to his fans.

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