It represents the female body in an inelegant form.

Beatriz Venesi also clarified in an interview with La Stampa: “Do you want to know if I am a fascist? In what I have said and written in my life, you will not find anything that even remotely resembles abuse of power, homophobia or fascism.

Beatrice Venice gave an interview to La Stampa, in which he expressed his opinion about the artist Elodies in response to an unfounded accusation of fascist. The conductor also gave his opinion on the movement. Me too and workplace harassment. But let’s go in order.

Beatriz Venesi’s opinion on Elodie

In an interview with La Stampa, the conductor was asked for his opinion on various artists. Beatriz Venesi has stated that she prefers Vasco Rossi Ultimo and Muti Piovani. When it came to choosing between Taylor Swift and Elodie, she had no doubts:

Taylor Swift. It seems to me that Elodie with her position gives an inelegant representation of the female body. May I say?

Regarding the MeToo movement, he commented: “There is persecution. I experienced maximum marpionaggio. But I always sent clear messages. On the last dinner invitation I got, I said, great idea, wait, let me call the rest of the cast.“.

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Reply to those who accuse you of fascism

Beatrice Venezi then responded to those who accused her of being a fascist. The conductor clarified that he had never adhered to such extreme ideas:

Do you want to know if I’m a fascist? You can go and re-read what I have said and written in my life, you will not find anything even remotely close to abuse of power, homophobia or fascism. (…) Today, being right means being conservative. God, country and family. Remember that was also the DC slogan? However, many pretend to be indignant. In any case, these are the values ​​in which I recognize myself. I pray for my education. I go to mass. I am a practitioner. Christianity has also brought many troubles over the centuries, but today it is one of the most tolerant and hospitable religions.

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