it reveals your figure perfectly in the sea


“Only on the sand, the eyes in the water..”, these are the words of Roch Voisine would have quite the power of the thing, the label for the new post-Shy ‘ m. loses During this time of containment, the singer of 34 years, his followers in his memories of posts more and more optimized. His latest looks in sportswear, a little bit of vintage added, sexy outfits and trend of the secret.

Given the adverse almost forgot, the entry into a new season, Shy ‘ m, wanted to celebrate the arrival of spring, a kind of sexy. The jury of the show ” dancing with the Stars dropped its long coat of black leather for an outfit a lot more in summer and especially off. Our chameleon of the fashion shared a new photo from your last vacation-Paradise in Colombia, in between swimming and sun bathing on the beach. A bit of nostalgia, Shy ‘ m trip, a time, and presented in one of his breaks, doing nothing, but, above all, a toned body in a bikini sporty.

Shy ‘ m plays the hooters in bikini on the beach

Her long, wavy hair a little wet and slightly tanned skin perfectly, Shy ‘ m, shone under the sun of Latin America. Prior to the beginning of a crazy year, well filled, between the filming of the series Profiling, and the promotion of its range of cosmetics, interpreters work And Then was offered a holiday without stress. The artist perfected his tan in the picturesque, swimwear, before you prefer the comfort combinations on the apron.

Throw at it with joy in the waves of the turquoise water or just to admire, tropical style worthy of a post card, Shy ‘ m shows that its athletic silhouette, which is characterized in a two-bedroom-khaki green Calvin Klein. In this bikini-the spirit of sportswear, the singer the big day shows his abdominal muscles highlights, the domed well muscular shaped to his thighs and butt perfectly. In this series of photos, both funny than sexy, Shy ‘ m, could

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