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It seems that an indiscreet paparazzi has exposed Jennifer López’s knees

There are angles, photographs or photographers that do not do Jennifer López a favor. Sometimes your body looks without stretch marks, cellulite or blemishes. But there are other publications in which more than one defect expose one of the most sensual and successful women in Hollywood.

JLo recently starred in a campaign for the Coach brand. In these pictures his knees look spectacular. Not only does your skin shine, it even looks smooth, no damage, no blemishes, no marks.

But in other posts shared on Instagram, about the same session, there are images that show white spots on Jennifer López’s skin, just around the knee.

While in another paparazzi post, the photographer managed to expose that just above his left knee he has a considerable mark. It would seem that in the past he suffered a real injury that left a blemish on his skin. Whereas in the next image his knees look extremely wrinkled. Fact that is not evident in the promotional images of Coach. This is why some say that not everything is what it seems.

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