It size and mini photo bomb!


Look at the number of resources and alternatives that have our famous to liven up your social networks.

When you thought that you had finished the possibilities of posing, the looks with that surprise or the styles with which to stop stunned all of his followers will Sommer Ray and re-curling the curl with its publication, this girl is a box of surprises.

It is impossible to deny that Sommer is attractive, your physique is great and that take advantage of any occasion to show off the palmetto and rear, the curves most commented of the panorama fitness room.

It is also accepted that knows how to dress and which clothes to choose for all fits to the millimeter with your anatomy, and the like that we look at, things as they are.

But as we already knew your pose of profilehis pose front and rearespecially the rear, the athlete has winding the head thinking of how to do or how to pose for a return to talk about it and not only your curves, and to tell the truth, have found it.

Neither more nor less than in the middle of a road, sitting on the floor and teaching her thigh almost up to the start of their rearwith a dress of the most miniof the three sizes less to leave the view and scarce in cloth because the abdominals are also the aires!

It is not surprising that after the time passes exercising muscle your body in those ways and it take to wear to the minimum opportunityprofile, front, or sitting in the middle of a road, it is yours risk!

To see what occurs to you now or where you want to pose for that let us talk about it in these terms, sure that a lot of work does not cost you.