It Trembles Kiss! Heidi Klum is in addition to the legendary band and things are getting out of control


Heidi Klum he was on the side of the legendary band Kiss starring in one of the videos more fun that she wants to be a protagonist beside the idols.

Were two shots that they had to do for that Heidi stay satisfied with his intervention, but eventually they were all pleased.

Though the wife of Tom Kaulitz it is perhaps one of the most famous multi-faceted in the world, it is remarkable the emotion you feel the side of the historic band.

Making of a singer, the controversy influencer tried it with the chorus of the popular “Rock And Roll All Nite”, enterneciendo to many and passing shame on to others.

On the other hand it should be noted that when designing costumes the ex-Seal takes the first place. Since several years ago they organised a super event which celebrates the traditional Halloween.

It is the model German who is in charge of populating the Halloween night with a lot of color and all kinds of weirdos with costumes amazing and always the best attitude.

Surely this video will give you more to talk about adding popularity to Heidi Klum it has managed to fill headlines in newspapers around the world.