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For many years, the application AnTuTu benchmark is a benchmark is mandatory for the examination of the smartphone, to determine how quickly their performance. – Many applications, the benchmark for the Smartphones in Google Play, with a variety of Test methods, respectively.

But like it or not, the application Antutu benchmark, the populerdan is widely used as a Test tool, the performance of the smartphone.

In fact, there are also other options to applications that test the performance of the smartphone in detail.

A few days ago, a number of apps AnTuTu, such as AnTutu 3DBench, AnTuTu Benchmark, and AiTuTu Benchmark, was missing from the Android app store, the Google Play Store.

At this time, it is still not known what exactly causes a variety of testing applications, the is removed, the smartphone, by Google.

Now the party is but he’s AnTuTu his statement.

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Based on official data from the AnTuTu reported by Android police, saying that the removal was motivated by the relationship between AnTuTu with the developer application, the as rogue by Google, namely Cheetah Mobile (CM).

CM itself known, often in violation of the Google guidelines, how to change the app default browser from Chrome to the browser your own.

As a key measure that the society of origin Mountain View, California, USA, it is the repeal of the registration is made by Cheetah Mobile from the app store, Play Store in February.

Go back to the app AnTuTu, it refutes the reasons of Google, and found that AnTuTu has absolutely nothing to do with CM, at least in terms of the developer account for the Google Play Store.

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“Account AnTuTu nothing to do with the CM account. AnTuTu initiated in 2011, even before the CM, and is the developer of Google Play since the early days,” said the AnTuTu quoted KompasTekno from Android police, Tuesday (10/3/2020).

CM one of the investors AnTuTu Even so, they claimed that the CM itself is actually one of the investors, the manufacturer of the application benchmarking.

However, the stay of the operation of the company AnTuTu independently, without the intervention of the CM.

The website of Cheetah Mobile ( in the list to the privacy policy of AnTuTu, it should be listed, because they can buy a legal product (legal services) of the CM.

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During the presence of the CEO of Cheetah Mobile’s Fu Sheng rating on the board of selectmen AnTuTu as one of the conditions of an investment between a CM with AnTuTu.

Sheng himself claims not to interfere in the business activities AnTuTu.

That is to say, he only served as one of the top brass only.

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Party AnTuTu also hope that Google makes this resolve misunderstandings and recover app AnTuTu on Android app store.

Until this news was written), Tuesday (10/3/2020), various application AnTuTu is still missing from the Google Play Store.

However, the user can select to download the file “APK” the official uploaded by AnTuTu on the official website via the following link.

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