It turns out, the iPhone Smartphone Running Android OS, how come?


INDOZONE.ID IPhone device manufactured by Apple, at this time can only be used to iOS operating system and Apple is also trying to can his / her smartphone will not work with other operating systems such as Android, let alone Windows.

But recently, one of the cybersecurity startup called Corellium has managed to create a method with the name of the Project sand castle, which the iPhone can be used with the Android operating system.

Note that the Corellium have tried the method in the smartphone iPhone 7 and 7+, can be the second smartphone from Apple running the Android operating system from Google.

Unfortunately, the presence of the project Sandcastle is absolutely not supported by Apple. Also, Apple is known for, called Corellium, because they have done illegal practices in its products.

Even if Android runs on the iPhone, there are some hardware and features that do not work well, such as a Wi-Fi connection may not work on the iPhone 8 at the top.

Table of hardware supported by the project Sandcastle
Table of hardware supported by the project Sandcastle (photo/The Next Web)

Of course, with the further development of the method of the project, Sandcastle, it can be more perfect. But let’s see if Apple still allows users to do this or not.

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