it unfolds on Snapchat !


Nabilla, the temperature rise has on Snapchat. The young mother showed off her amazing body in a mini bikini. Take a look at quickly the cliché !

Nabilla has struck again ! In fact, the star displayed in a bikini very sexy on Snapchat. It is not necessary, more confuse the user. We will let you discover the cliché…


Nabilla is currently in holiday in the Maldives. In fact, his lover offered him, a dream stay for his 28 years. The pretty brunette then profits from this trip rejuvenate with Thomas. The lovebirds during a stay in a luxury hotel and have a private beach. Incredible ! You then spend your days on the water !

This morning, Nabilla revealed his look to go for a swim. The young mother decided to a bikini-blue, ultra-crenate. She shows off her body in a photo is rather sexy ! The bomb has a perfect figure and an ultra-flat stomach. Difficult to imagine that the star has born a few months earlier ! Whatever it is, your stereotype has, is devastating to the canvas ! And the users have quickly succumbed to the charm of Nab !

Nabilla sultry in bikini ultra scarce: they unfold on Snapchat !

Nabilla ultra-sexy in the Maldives : it is a dream, by the users !

Nabilla several photos of his vacation has shared in the Maldives. And every time the treasure of Thomas shown happier than ever before. I have to say that her husband is not done things by half. In fact, he has reserved a magnificent villa directly on the water. But that’s not all ! Thomas also bought the bag, the most expensive in the world his wife ! The pretty brunette is not in danger, so do not forget his 28-year-old in the foreseeable future !

As always, the young mom has a thought for his fans ! You share cool photos for the to travel with him. And it works ! The fans will be under the charm of the recordings of Nabilla. And they will be more and more follow his adventures ! The young mother is still not ready to talk make !