It video pump!!! Sommer Ray moves, and I teach it as well!


It seems that Sommer Ray it is clear that ‘change or die’ and that is why he is letting out his funny side by means of videos with the that gives the view of his followers. Or the same thing is that the friendship with Amanda Cernythe humorist youtuber is making a dent in the life of the model.

We note that Sommer is the sport and that’s not going to leave him, or by recommendation, but also note that you can give back more to their profession and to expand limits and boundaries thanks to these videos is possible, and it is.

The same ease with which you will eat a cake as if he had not eaten in a week ago is the one that has to Sommer to do photographs of the most provocative and attractive. Play with the sympathy and the attractive with the same ease, holds up well online, it’s all a paragon of virtue!

But what is yours and what has led him to fame is the sport, the routines sports with the that keeps body and curves and that encourages us to continue.

And although this time her video is not going to work up a sweat in the gym, Sommer also moves, you see that they know not to do it.

Dressed in a pyjama one piece and in the kitchen of his homethe model fitness is booted to sing, moving and bustling as if it were a scenario, miming the theme that sounds and using a spoon from the kitchen as a microphone, ¡Sommer you really know your way!

Note that the dance not bad and your body and curves responsive to movement without problems.

Another way of doing sport, but more fun, or at least that you can practice at home and in your pajamas.