“It was a shock reaction to Sasha Grey”


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Speak of the machismo of the others is always easy, but making an introspection of oneself is an exercise more complex. No one wants to be recognized as sexist, and yet, we all are to a greater or lesser extent. Beyond feel attacked by this fact, we must put ourselves in context: we’ve all grown up in a patriarchal structure that has made us to normalize sexism.

As any change that you want to turn social must begin with honest reflection on ourselves, we asked Ignacio Escolar (director of the journal.is), Nacho Vigalondo (director de cine), The Nega (a member of The Chikos of the Corn) and Miguel Llorente (doctor and professor, expert in gender-based violence), inviting them to criticism, despite their declared position in favor of feminism. After publishing the interview with The Nega and School, it’s up to Vigalondo.

It is difficult, because of the education that we receive from a patriarchal society, to give one account of their own machismo. At what point was aware of the same?How has been its evolution as feminist?

Although I have always felt a certain tingling with the theme, for example, in my movies, where I always liked to shoot against the stereotype of the alpha-male, yes it is true that afterwards, when viewing my own movies, I saw that they were all told from a male point of view, ignoring other possible approaches. And what scared me the issue was that I had not chosen deliberately, but that I had left the default.

On A personal level, it was a shock to see the reaction as aggressive public-facing Sasha Grey [actriz muy conocida en la industria del porno], which I saw for myself, when it was learned that it would be she who starred in Open Windows [última película dirigida por Nacho Vigalondo].

Now for me is not so much the question why there are so many women making films, but why not I’m asking every day. I’ve also had my moments epifánicos with other film directors. Why between the male directors supposedly sensitive and aware of this reality there is this debate constantly? And why the answer you give to explain that there are less women in the film are based on pseudoscience? Excuse themselves by saying that if there is not is because they don’t carry it in the genes. People who are normally rational in any other area here is based on magufadas to not support more discussion.

Today he is very involved in feminism. In fact, it is not difficult to find him on Twitter talking about the subject. How is the response of their followers?

Yes, if it’s something we have to do from a position of more or less public is to be useful. My position regarding feminism can be confusing or challenging for some, does not matter to me if it serves for something, or if this genre for some reflection in someone. What you can’t is to try to please everyone.

What attitude or micromachismo note that it costs more to break off?

Yes there has been evolution. I can not say exactly what percentage it is understood the message more than before, because I have everything from people who are ahead of me and teaches me things –and here I include many girls, for example, on Twitter, very involved and fighting every day – the trolls that I do not swallow; from people who are away from me to others who come because they are curious.

But the more activist is a person, the slower it seems like evolution because it’s not going at the pace they would like. I, that I don’t consider myself an activist, and I say this with head bowed, yes I have more ease to see a light at the end of horizon. Perhaps because I lack contact with many concrete realities very sad. But yes, from my throne of cis [abreviatura de cisgénero, término utilizado para describir a personas que no se identifican como transgénero] straight guy fucked up yes I perceive that there is an opening. In fact I consider it a good symptom that a guy like me has been able to take some questions.

How hard it is with yourself. I’m a person very open mind.

No, I’m not hard. But I’m 38 years old and I’ve spent 30 and a few looking to the other side. I would get a medal if these issues I have raised in the 90’s, because there, yes, I would have advance to certain issues that today it is more common to arise. But I’m optimistic. If you look historically, the progress never goes backwards. It’s not going to be a halt in the dry or a setback, that is only imaginable with an apocalyptic vision.

Feminism asks men to take party when you witness injustices or attitudes that are sexist in your near environment, emphasizing the importance of not remain equidistant to these situations. What manifests in some way in disagreement when presented with situations like that, or keeps quiet?

In recent years, my environment is quite feminine, so when you give these circumstances I am already positioned with them. But I must confess that I do remember occasions where I have witnessed certain situations and, as they were mild, I have not raised a hand. I admit that sometimes I fall into that error, because I consider it an error.

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