It was so tense and cold reunion between Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper in Europe


What at first seemed to be an amicable separation, which both agreed to share custody of their small and set New York as a place of residence, with the passage of the days they get to know new details that suggest that their relationship lived troubled times which culminated in their separation.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper, on the verge of collapse.

According to Radar Online, Irina Shayk will write a book where you will have “all the truth” of his courtship of four years with the actor and director: “There is much to be said of her relationship with Bradley, he has done so much harm that she has revenge in mind,” said a source to the daily american. “Irina has not been able to rely on Bradley,” he added.

What is for sure is that both are concerned about the small and seeking the best for his daughter. “For the good of Read, continue to spend time together as a family. Bradley is a great father, has always been very involved with his daughter. It is clear that they have the same goals. Want to live a normal life, that she is surrounded by friends and having fun playing. The two are wonderful parents,” said a source close to the magazine People.