It was time that Instagram prohibit the promotion of miracle diets and Jamila Jameel has had much to do with this decision


Instagram has been proposed to make the application a safer place for all, but especially, in the field of eating disorders and lpressure that social networks exert on the body image.

In this way, If a few months were going to censor all the pictures of demons will incite the anorexia and bulimia, now we have declared war to the promotion of diet products and “miracle” for weight loss.

The trend of the diet of intermittent fasting, what is good for the health?

On the one hand, its new policy of management of contents hide from users under the age of 18 yearsboth in Facebook and in Instagram, those posts that promote weight loss products or promotions of aesthetic touches.

On the other, and taking it a step further, also deleted of Instagram posts promotional products “miracle” that they have links to commercial offers with discount codes.

In addition, they will offer to the users the possibility of reporting a postif they believe it does not comply with this new regulation, and will be reviewed by content managers.

With this new regulation would not pass the court’s publications such as those of Kim Kardashian announcing the controversial lollipops to remove the appetite or so many other shows starring celebrities like Cardi B or Khloe Kardashian in the promoting drunk detox, shakes diet and laxative teas.

Kim kardashian

The negative impact that this type of posts can have on the physical and mental health of the thousands of followers of these celebrities and instagrammers is something that the actress and activist Jameela Jamil takes time denouncing from their platform I Weigh. A community body positive, as he has told it herself, has been key in this fight. And is that the makers of the app have been working hand-in-hand with Jameel:

“I’ve been working with Instagram throughout the year to achieve this. It has been wonderful to deal with them and showed me that you really care about creating a safer place for all online. This has happened much faster than I expected and I am very proud, happy and relieved“.

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