It wasn’t just Keanu Reeves: 10 actors who created their own comics


Last week, Keanu Reeves announced a comic book he wrote and starred in. The immortal warrior Berzerker is based on his own image and behavior. And did you know that several other actors also had their endeavors at Nona Arte? After all, it is not a bad idea, since associating a genre or character from the cinema to popularity in pop culture helps a lot to promote the material.

Below is a list of ten stars who jumped from the big screen to the role – either as plot creators, screenwriters, or models.

1. Stormy Daniels

Although best known for her career as an award-winning adult film actress and for alleged involvement with Donald Trump, Stormy teamed up with comic book publisher TidalWave and created the “naughty” humor and science fiction title
Stormy Daniels: Space Force, co-signed by her herself and by Darren G. Davis.

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The magazine shows the beauty as a captain in a cosmic future and should be launched in the coming months, entitled to an animated series already in development.

2. William Shatner

Eternal Captain Kirk is the author of the sci-fi novel series
The TekWar, which, while never recognized by critics, has always sold millions of copies. In 2009, Shatner and co-writer Scott Davis took The TekWar Chronicles to Blue Water Comics (now known as TidalWave).

The plot shows former inmate Jake Cardigan on a new adventure in the futuristic world of TekWar, which has also been released by Marvel Comics.

3. Milo Ventimiglia

Milo Ventimiglia, famous for the Heroes series, is also known for voicing Wolverine in a 2011 anime and Spider-Man Noir in the
Ultimate Spider-Man drawing. The actor loves comics and was the co-creator and “producer” of Berserker, released by Top Cow in 2011, with scripts by Rick Loverd with art by Jeremy Haun.

Berserker is a brutal and modern fantasy tale about mercenaries armed with powerful ancient magic. The story involves secret societies at war and ties to Asgardian mythology.

4. Jenna Jameson

Having “Shadow” or “Hunter” in the title of a comic book usually catches the attention of readers.
The adult film actress knows this and bets on the limited series
Shadow Hunter, launched by Virgin Comics in 2008, with her own scripts – and with the cover of Brazilian Mike Deodato.

Main character Jezzerie Jaden, values ​​Jameson’s curves in a crazy story with past lives, demonic visions, and other elements that were not very successful.

5. Rosario Dawson

Famous for roles in films like
Men in Black II and Sin City, she tends to travel a lot in the nerdy field and, in 2006, signed the script for Occult Crimes Taskforce, a four-issue HQ about a group of New York police officers who monitor people with disabilities. magical skills. The protagonist, Sophia Ortiz, is based on herself.

The series was co-written by David Atchison and the rights to adapt were sold to A&E in 2012. Since then, it has remained in a “development” stage.

6. Keanu Reeves

Well, we already quoted Reeves at the beginning and included him on the list for those who don’t know the story.
He recently partnered with Boom! Studios to launch
BRZRKR, co-written by Matt Kindt and illustrated by Alessandro Vitti and Bill Crabtree – with one of the covers signed by the Brazilian Rafael Grampá.

BRZRKR tells the story of an immortal warrior who at present works as an agent of the United States government – and, of course, keeps many “skeletons in the closet” because of a violent past. The launch is scheduled for October.

7. Samuel L. Jackson

Nick Fury from Marvel Studios likes to get involved in all kinds of nerdy projects.
And, of course, with the ease with which he dialogues with his fans, the actor also took the opportunity to create his own HQ.
Cold Space, launched by Boom! Studios was co-written with Eric S. Calderon, producer of Afro Samurai Resurrection, with art by Jeremy Rock.

The plot has the Jackson-based protagonist and tells the story of a fleeing space criminal, who must adapt to survive when an accident hits a world in the midst of civil war.

8. John Cleese

One of
Monty Python’s co-founders released a graphic novel about Superman in 2004 by DC Comics. Superman: True Brit was co-written alongside Kim “Howard” Johnson, with drawings by the legendary John Byrne. The title came out along the line that explores alternative realities, DC Elseworlds, and, of course, has Cleese’s acid humor spread across the pages of the work.

Everything revolves around the following question: What if baby Superman had fallen in England instead of Smallville, Kansas?

9. Nicolas Cage

Virgin Comics came on the scene in 2006, as a partnership between businessman Richard Branson and author Deepak Chopra.
The company has produced properties by authors, musicians, and filmmakers, including Nicolas Cage, who, as everyone knows, loves comics.

Voodoo Child was co-created with his son, Weston, with a script by Mike Carey, popular due to his stints in X-Men and Lucifer. The series lasted six editions and tells the story of a voodoo spell that originated in 1860 and reappears in modern New Orleans.

10. Mark Hamill

Well, this one has lived in the nerdy field since he first appeared as Luke Skywalker in
Star Wars. From his appearances on the Simpsons to his iconic Joker voice in Warner’s animations, Hamill is very fond of moving into this entertainment industry. In 1996, he created a limited series at Dark Horse.

The Black Pearl follows the trajectory of Luther Drake, an ordinary person who becomes an overnight celebrity by saving a kidnapped woman. The press frenzy leads the protagonist to become a vigilante, in a moral drama about tabloid culture and media responsibility.


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