“It wasn’t me.” Man similar to Chuck Norris spotted in Capitol riots photo

Norris personally commented on the rumors (Photo: @chucknorris / Twitter)

On social media, photos of a man similar to Chuck Norris who attended the storming of the Capitol went viral. The actor took advantage of his Twitter to declare it wasn’t him.

An image of Norris ‘ doppelganger involved in the January 6 Capitol riots has been circulated on social media. In response, the actor’s manager Eric Kritzer was forced to make a statement. “This is not Chuck Norris, but a similar person, although Chuck is more handsome. – quoted by The Post. ”  Chuck is at his ranch in Texas where he was with his family.”

Norris later personally commented on rumors that he was present at the assault. “I recently learned that during the riots in the Washington Capitol there was a Chuck Norris lookalike. It was not me, I was not there. There is no place for violence of any kind in our society. I have been and always will be for Law and Order. Your friend, Chuck Norris, ” he wrote on Twitter.