“It will be tough weeks, there will be many deaths,” says Trump about Covid-19


Washington.- The president of The United States, Donald Trump, said today that “this week and next week will probably be the most difficult for the country”, after the nation has reached a total of 301 thousand 902 cases of Covid-19.

The representative regretted that “unfortunately, there will be many deaths”, which will be added to the eight-thousand-175 until the day of today’s report, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University, despite the prognosis he said: “we will move heaven and earth to take care of our citizens.”

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During his press conference, the u.s. president said his priority is to “maintain safe and healthy to our people,” but also emphasized that it is necessary to “open up our country again, ending this war, should not last for months and months.”

The representative noted that, “given the fears of shortage in medical equipment”, some governors have asked for more supplies than they really need, “although I will admit when it’s all done”.

He also stressed that his administration plans to deploy thousands of soldiers and military personnel to help states combat the pandemic, which will be added to the thousand military are already in the city of New York, which recorded a total of 63 thousand cases and a thousand 867 deaths.

He explained, moreover, that for patients positive for Covid-19 distributed 29 million doses of medicines which are usually used to combat malaria, hydroxychloroquine in combination with azithromycin.


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