Italian actors: winners of the Volpi Cup

Who Italian actors who won the Venice International Film Festival obtaining a prestigious Volpi Cup for Best Actor? Rewinding the tape of time, one can name many names of Italian translators who have received this recognition. We find, for example, that Charles Delle Pianawarded in 1986, and Marcello Mastroianni AND Massimo Troisiex aequo winners in 1989. Since many Italian performers have achieved triumphs, our itinerary includes actors who won the prize in since 2001year of victory Louis LoCascio.

Italian actors: winners of the Volpi Cup

Below is a short path, fully dedicated five Italian actors who won the Venice International Film Festival or, in chronological order of victory, Louis LoCascio, Stephen Accorsi, Silvio Orlando, Luca Marinelli AND Pierfrancesco Favino.

Luigi Lo Cascio in 2001

Louis LoCasciowas born in Palermo October 20, 1967 – Italian actor, who received the Volpi Cup for Best Actor in a Film. 2001. The interpretation of the character Antonio in the work deserves recognition. The light of my eyes director Joseph Piccioni. Curious about this film’s connection to the Venice International Film Festival? Sandra Ceccarellithe interpreter of the image of Mary, in turn, receives the Volpi Cup for the best female performance.

If you go beyond the event to broaden your horizons and take a closer look at other moments of Lo Kashio’s career, you will see a very extensive filmography, including, among others, One hundred stepsdirector’s film Marco Tullio Jordana 2000, which led him to victory David di Donatello for Best Actor in 2001 work 2022 ant lord, Bonebreaker, Weirdness AND Transparentdirector respectively John Amelio, Vincent Pirrotta, Roberto went AND Suzanne Nicchiarelliand 2023 movie Deltadirector Michelle Vannucci and in the cast, among other things, Alessandro Borgo.

Awarded Italian actors: Stefano Accorsi in 2002.

The following year, another Italian actor won the Volpi Cup for Best Actor, namely Stephen Accorsi for his work in the film Michael Placido A journey called love. Accorsi’s filmography is extensive and includes, among others, You make them ignorantdirector Ferzan Ozpetek, Saturn vs.also directed by Özpetek Luckydirector Sergio Castellitto.

In addition, Accorsi takes part in more than one Placido film. In addition to A journey called love actor born in Bologna On March 2, 1971, he is actually present in Wherever you are 2004 and crime novel 2005. Finally, let’s celebrate Accorsi’s victory in 1999 David di Donatello for Best Actoraward for performance in radio arrow1998 film director Luciano Ligabue. If we go back to the year she won the Volpi Cup, then in 2002 she received the same recognition for the best female performance. Julianne Moore.

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Silvio Orlando in 2008

V 2008 win the Volpi Cup for Best Actress Dominique Blanc for work at the opera Authordirector Patrick-Mario Bernard AND Pierre Trividicand to receive the same recognition for the best male interpretation is Silvio Orlando for bringing the character Michelle from the film to the screen Joanna’s fatherdirector Pupi Avati.

Orlando, born in Naples June 30, 1957 also owner of three David di Donatello. The first is the 1998 Best Supporting Actor award, which he received for his work in film. Aprildirector Nanni Moretti. The rest of the awards are for Best Actor received in 2006 and 2022 respectively for performances in Caimanalso directed by Nanni Moretti, and in still airdirector Leonard DiCostanzo. In addition, Silvio Orlando winner of three silver ribbonsall for Best Actor.

Awarded Italian actors: Luca Marinelli in 2019.

Among the Italian actors who received the Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival, we also note Luca Marinelliwas born in Rome On October 22, 1984, he won the Best Actor nomination at the 76th Venice International Film Festival. The role for which he was awarded is the role Martin Eden in the film of the same name. Peter Marcellus.

Three years earlier, Marinelli received David di Donatello for Best Supporting Actor for her role in the film They called him Jig Robot. director Gabriel Mainetti. In the same year he also won Silver Ribbon for Best Supporting Actor for the same role, and in 2023 he won Silver Ribbon for Best Leading Actor for his work eight mountainsdirector Felix Van Groeningen AND Charlotte Vandermeersch. The confirmation is given to him ex aequo with Alessandro Borgoawarded for doing the same work.

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Pierfrancesco Favino in 2020

We close the list of winners of Italian actors at the Venice Film Festival with the Volpi Cup for Best Actor in 2020: Pierfrancesco Favinoawarded for his work in the film Our father director Claudius Nut. Among the many awards received by the actor born in Rome August 24, 1969 we mention that I Three Davids by Donatello. The first, for best male supporting role, he received in 2006 for his work in crime noveldirector Michael Placido. In 2012, he always wins the Best Supporting Actor award for his role in A novel about the massacredirector’s film Marco Tullio Jordanaand in 2020 he received the Best Actor award for his work in Traitordirector Mark Bellocchio.

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