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The first day of individual qualifications at the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships at the Valencia Fair in Spain. A paella of medals is played with an appetizer of the first specialties. The more experienced Milena Baldassarri, Olympic athlete of the sixth World Championships in the national bodysuit, takes care of the opening of the blue experience, to the notes of “Not my responsibility” by Billie Eilish. The Air Force gymnast does not perform all the difficulties of her exercise, and although without errors, she stops at a height of 30.700 (L.14.500 – E.8.100 – A.8.100), having achieved twenty-second place. Nothing definitive, but the goal is different, a pass to Paris, and the twenty-one-year-old from Ravenna sips every taste with great attention.

Then it’s the turn of defending champion Sofia Refaeli, who immediately reveals her full talent in the voice of Yaco, participant of X Factor 2022. Thus, Chiaravalle’s policewoman’s ball becomes “Il Mondo”, like a song that Jacopo Rossetto reworked from Jimmy Fontana’s original version . An estimate of 34.250 (D. 17.300 – E. 8.450 – A. 8.500) immediately puts the Chiaravalle volcano at the top of the subject classification, yielding to the Bulgarian Stiliana Nikolova (35.150) and the German Daria Varfolomeeva (35.000), but ahead of the equally cited Boryana Kalein (34,100) and Daria Atamanova (32 950). Tonight, starting at 21.00 (live broadcast on Rai Sport HD, channel 58 DTT), there will be a match between the titans, with the Greek Panayota Litra (32,750), the Slovene Ekaterina Vedeneeva (32,600) and the Kazakh Elzhana Tanieva (32,450) who will not stand idly by. On the other hand, two Spaniards Polina Berezina and Alba Bautista are outside the real octet, despite the stadium applause and the temperature of passions almost above atmospheric, outside the stadium.

And it was the “Ole” of the Iberian public that accompanied the subsequent execution of Queen Sophia. Not the wife of Juan Carlos I, but Refaeli, who, on the notes of “Psico”, turns into a ruthless bullfighter who has the full intention of “matare” each other’s ambitions. Another program created by the brilliant Julieta Cantaluppi, Marches, which also won gold in this specialty in the previous Bulgarian review, makes the audience tremble. Not out of fear, out of emotion. Sophia closes in her circle, the outside world disappears, and when she opens her eyes again, the billboard says 35.850 (D. 18.900 – E. 8.450 – A. 8.500). There is little that the usual pursuers can do: Nikolova, more than a point clear at 34,700 and Varfolomeev, third with 34,300. Another Bulgarian, Boryana Kalein, left the provisional podium with a score of 33,900. Israeli Atamanov makes a mistake and fails. Close the “reservation” of the final eight of the circle Vedeneev (33.350), Bautista (33.350), the second German Margarita Kolosova (33.100) and the Hungarian Fanny Pignitsky (33.100). Berezina still on foot, the first reserve.

Behind him, the tenth, is our Baldassarri, who continues his parallel path with the sole purpose of becoming one of those who will sing tomorrow.Paris, I love you“. On the notes of Mengoni and “La casa Azul”, Milena adds another 32,800 points (D. 16,800 – E. 7,950 – A. 8,050), rounding off the all-around clearance mark with a total of 63,500, ranking sixteenth. “The world is at my fingertips” sings the winner of San Remo, praising Frida Kahlo and her ability to turn pain into beauty. In truth, a pilot from Romagna would be pleased with Olympus. In the final on Saturday, the top 18 will go to the Games, the top 14 will go to the Games (but if Refaeli – 70,100, Nikolova 69,850 and Varfolomeev 69,300 are ahead, then good places will reach seventeenth) and therefore the cruising speed of the blue is still sufficient for that to bring the second Olympic card to the federal port.






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