Italian trailer with Ben Affleck reveals the release date of the thriller

The Italian trailer for Hypnotica, the new thriller by Robert Rodriguez, played by star Ben Affleck, talks about the imminent release to Italian cinemas.

Hypnotic: Ben Affleck's Italian trailer reveals thriller release date

Hypnotic is about to break into Italian cinemas. Surprisingly, but italian trailer thriller with Ben Affleck anticipates one release date inevitable: the film will hit Italian cinemas on July 6th with 01 Distribution.

The Italian trailer for the new film by Robert Rodriguez reveals the crimes committed through the ability to influence the behavior of others and mislead the police. Thus, the detective becomes involved in a strange situation, he has to look for his missing daughter.

Hypnotic, Robert Rodriguez: “Ben Affleck lives on steaks and cigarettes like old Hollywood stars”

What happens in hypnosis?

Detective Danny Rourke, determined to find his missing daughter, finds himself caught in a maelstrom of events on the verge of reality when he begins investigating a series of bank robberies. With the help of psychic Diana Cruz, they go after an extremely dangerous man who Rourke believes holds the key to his daughter. An investigation that will lead them to a series of events in which even the most basic hypotheses will be questioned because nothing is as it seems.

The protagonist of “Hypnotic” directed by Robert Rodriguez is actor Ben Affleck as detective Danny Rourke. It also stars Alice Braga, JD Pardo, Dayo Okenyi, Jeff Fahey and William Fichtner.

Hypnotic italian poster

Hypnotist: Ben Affleck at the center of Robert Rodriguez’s Italian thriller poster

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