Italodisco by The Kolors in first place for the third week

The FIMI Rating of the Week has compiled the most popular singles in Italy from 21 to 27 July. On the first stable place for the third week in a row is The Kolors with its Italodisco. Fedez, Annalisa and Article 31 and their Disco Paradise remain in third position, Tactical Penguins are losing one with Steal me the night.

Rating FIMI of the week he made it official V most popular singles in Italy between from 21 to 27 July. They remain in first place for the third week in a row i Colors with their Italodiscoin fact, one of the catchphrases of the summer of 2023 (as evidenced by the video Stash shared on Tik Tok, which shows the participation his daughters Grace and Imagin Fjordispino). Following Ava, Anna and Kapo Plaza with the single Vetri Neri, Fedez, Annalisa and Article 31 remain in third position and their Disco Paradise, and in fourth place we find Drillionaire with Bon Ton. Alpha rises to fifth place with Bellissimisima, and they lose one position Nuclear Tactical Penguins with Steal me the night.

Tedua and Steph Ebbast overtake Howe Angelina Mango with a hit launched after the experience at Amici called We’ll think about it tomorrow, which in turn moves up one position to ninth place. Fine Strawberries by Achille Lauro and Rose Villain and “Taxi on the Moon” by Tony Effe and Emma, ​​which are consistently ranked tenth and eleventh, respectively. Everyone sang at least once Crazy music by Marco Mengoni and Elodie, who actually takes the position thanks to the complicity of the singers, while Rocco Hunt drops three positions to fifteenth place with Non Litighiamo Più. They also want to stay in the standings for a long time, they either lose two positions Blanco and Mina with Un Biciolo di Allegria and Lazza con Cenere, finishing 14th and 16th respectively. Travis Scott, Bad Bunny and The Weeknd round out the top 20 with their K-Pop hit.

Top 20 most popular singles

Colors with Italodisco
Ava, Anna and Capo Plaza with black glass
Fedes, Annalize and Article 31 with Disco Paradise
Drillionaire, Lazza & Blanco featuring. Sphere of Ebbast and Michelangelo with Bon Ton
Alpha with great
Nuclear tactical penguins with steal my night
Annalise with Mont Amour
Tedua feat. Sphere of Ebbasta with a hoe
Angelina Mango with thoughts of tomorrow
Achille Lauro and Rose Villain with strawberry
Tony Effe, Emma, ​​Takagi and Ketra with Taxi on the Moon
Marco Mengoni feat. Elodies with crazy music
Refinement is a feat. Shiva, Sphere of Ebbast and Gue with jealousy
Blanco and Mina with a bit of happiness
Rocco Hunt let’s not argue anymore
Lazza with ashes
Peggy Gou with (It looks like) Nanana
Aribitz feat. Ozuna, Gims and the Ebbast Sphere with Mirage
bad rabbit Where does she go
Travis Scott, Bad Bunny and The Weeknd with k-pop

The colors are platinum with Italodisco and specific Stash: “I’m talking Festivalbar straight.”

Chart Top 10 Albums

Tedua with the Divine Comedy
driller from 10
Nuclear tactical penguins with fake news
geolier with the Courage of Children – Act II
Marco Mengoni with Matter (Prism)
Lazza with Sirius
blur with The Ballad of Darren
blanco with lover
Shiva with the seasons of Santana
Irama and RkomI am stress free

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