Italy includes more than 10 thousand deaths per COVID-19


The number of people killed by coronavirus from Italy came this Saturday to the 10 thousand 23. The deaths per day fell 969, a record figure recorded in the Friday, to 889.

In the case of new infections, there were 5 thousand 974, a similar level to that seen a day earlier, for a total of 92 thousand 472.

The signs of unrest and economic difficulties are increasing in the country. The police is patrolling the area around the supermarket in Palermo, Sicily, after one of them was docked by people who refused to pay for their purchasesaccording to reports local media.

Therefore, it is expected that the prime minister Giuseppe Conte extend the restrictions to the movements in Italy for two weeks beyond the April 3, even though they are discussing minimum exceptions for companiesreported Corriere della Sera.

The quarantine may be working, given that the number of new cases is stabilizing and that several of the recent deaths were of people who contracted the SARS-CoV-2 before or near the beginning of that measuresaid Lorenzo Pregliasco, co-founder of YouTrend.

“The trend of the virus in Italy shows that the curve is now completely in its linear phase and no longer is exponential, with a daily gain in the total number of cases of around 7 percent,” he added in a telephone interview.

“However, the number of deaths is related to concerns with the people who got the infection for at least 10 or 15 days,” he said.

The response to the crisis in Italy could increase up to 100 billion euros, according to statements of the deputy minister of Finance, Laura Castelli, to La Stampa. That’s compared to 300 billion euros and 750 billion euros mobilized by France and Germany, respectively.

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