“Italy produced more cars”. format of agreement between

In the evocative setting of Palazzo Piacentini, the meeting was held between Italy’s Minister of Enterprise and Made in Adolfo Urso and representatives of the main regional sectors hosting the automotive plants of the Stellantis Group. And Stellantis was the subject of the meeting.

presented by the minister guidelines that his ministry will implement to close a transition agreement with Stellantis, The agreement will be presented to the Italian-French company in early July, before the summer break.

The goals that the government wants to achieve are ambitious. First, the agreement would have to translate into an increase in car production in Italy., This was followed by incentives for investment in research and development at various plants of the company. The agreement will also pay great attention to the greater protection of engineering study centers and national related industries.

Minister Urso: “Necessary agreement between Stellantis and the government for the good of the Italian auto industry”

At the table, the regional presidents and representatives of the seven Italian regions

The meeting was attended by all the representatives of the regions where the Stellantis plant is located. In particular, they were present: Alberto Sirio (Piedmont), Marco Marsilio (Abruzzo), Vito Bardi (Basilicata), Antonio Marchiello (representing Campania), Vincenzo Cola (representing Emilia-Romagna), Alessandro Ridolfi (representing Lazio) ) and Adele Neri (representing Molise).

Stellantis, electric cars with an autonomy of 800 kilometers will be produced in Cassino, Italy

Regional representatives expressed satisfaction over the meetingRecognizing its importance and emphasizing how government action and unity of purpose between different sectors represent a major strength in the relationship with Stellantis.

Stellantis has a record in 2022: turnover increased by 18%, profits increased by 26%. the electrics are good too

,Today was an important, extremely constructive meeting to define, together with the governors of the Italian regions in which a large part of automotive production, the guidelines of that national automotive plan that will have to be compared and put into practice with an agreement that I want high Standing with Profiles and Stellentis”, commented Minister Urso. ,The goal is to increase car production in Italy and invest with public resources in new, more sustainable models for the cars of the future. We think we are on the right track, ie bringing together the Italian system,

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