itchy and burning skin

nightmare inside marina beach of badalona.Some users have suffered a series of hiccups so far this summer side effect inside fur and in Eye This resulted in those affected having to travel to doctor receive treatment.

This has been declared as metropolis Various bathers on a nearby small beach black berriesbeside port of badalona. Many of them started noticing these problems a few hours after bathing, and most agreed: itching and combustion all over the body.

Badalona Marina Beach / ÁNGELA VÁZQUEZ

conjunctivitis and itching

Following the entire process, the bay was opened to the public three years ago, in July 2020. Decontamination. The land has been filled with new sand and wooden walkways now lead to lifeguard booths, toilets and beach bars, harbor.On the way, he found himself waving blue flag This symbolizes agood quality“of the area”.The award was given out this year, but beach users disagree.

On July 19, a man in the neighborhood san adria de bezoswent to the somewhat crowded Marina Beach, went for a swim, and ended the day with a CAP on by the doctor: “I went to work in the afternoon and I started noticing itching in the eyes.I’ve completed Conjunctivitis caused by water and caused by water bacteria produced by certain algaemaroon“The doctor told me it was floating on the shore,” the affected person explained to the outlet.

“rust smell”

The man explained that when he entered the water he noticed “bad the taste of Oxide’. The doctor prescribes antibiotic ointment and drop For the eyes, but neighbors can’t even go to work.

Since he shared his testimony through social networks, more users joined the group complain Affected person’s description: “I was there in the morning, and in the afternoon I started working on a lot of things itchy nose My eyes are i woke up with eyes swell And close with more pain. scary’ said another woman.

“Diesel Smell”

Also, other visitors to the cove these days confirm this diesel smell Emanating from the water they attribute it to the presence of the port, right next to it, and fuel Boats and motorboats usually sail on part of the beach.

In addition, the Navy did not escape Rubbish When disaster strikes Badalona, ​​the material accumulates in the sea rain set The collector collapses and dumps the waste into the water.

Cranes and works for new buildings near La Mora / METRÓPOLI

From Sant’Adria to Badalona

The bathers also agreed that it was theirs origin: Majority move from Sant’Adria in absence coastal beachclosed for three years due to pollution.

The nearby area has also sparked controversy due to the presence of arsenic underground.he Center for Construction Research and Materials Analysis (CECAM) carried out a study a few years ago and concluded that this constituent is present on the soil surface of Eduard Maristany, the road connecting Badalona to Sant’Adria, and in parts of the in the foundation of the building.It was here, in front of the Primorsky Beach, that they projected new home Because of the high prices, the landscape currently coming to the area is filled with dozens of cranes and workers.

correct analysis

As far as the municipal government is concerned, the Xavier García Albiol explained that the control analysis performed in seawater their result is correct.Municipal sources also assured that flags would be hoisted immediately if any values ​​were changed Red Bathing is prohibited.

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