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Teen pregnancy is a health issue facing Las Tunas society today

Recently, a multidisciplinary team at Guevara Hospital managed to save the lives of two pregnant teenage girls who spent several days in the hospital with a very poor prognosis. 26 proximity event

Las Tunas. – a strange fluttering sound in his ears that foretells that he is struggling with extreme boundaries. As if out of instinct, he kept his eyes open at all costs, for fear that he would never wake up again. But suddenly, those faces were wiped away…and as the doctors around tried to hook her up to a mechanical ventilator, all she could think about was the baby in the womb. I hear them muttering “he’s only 18…”

Earlier that same week, he woke up with a choppy burning sensation in his throat. He doesn’t care. His belly is getting bigger and bigger. A few hours later, she was diagnosed with a respiratory infection that caused severe bronchial pneumonia, and in the blink of an eye she was admitted to the intensive care unit of Ernesto Guevara Hospital. For 7 days, her maternal prognosis has remained extremely critical.

Dr. Aliosky Montero, First Class Specialist in Intensive Care MedicineDr. Aliosky Montero Cala, a first-level specialist in intensive care medicine and head of the “Guevara” emergency center, recalled the tense atmosphere as the whole team mobilized to save the girl. “As a serious complication, the patient experienced respiratory distress, resulting in severe respiratory, neurological and cardiovascular dysfunction. We approached her treatment with critical care providers, gynecologists, cardiologists and imaging specialists, who A lot of information is provided to keep teens healthy, as optimized as possible.

“Then, the challenge was to get her back on track and eventually wean her off assisted ventilation. The infection that made her very sick was a viral infection, one of the opportunistic bacteria in pregnant women that can lead to very serious complications. We mobilized A lot of forces are very efficient because of the high stakes. This is a fight for life. We monitor gynecology and cardiology at most twice a day and conduct various analyzes. Necessary drugs are used, we mobilize many resources, so that no parameters are missed.

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“It is very sad that on the second day of her treatment we met collectively and came to an agreement that, given her state of health, it was necessary to interrupt the girl’s pregnancy beyond, imagine, beyond 24 weeks. Of course, we did Prior informed consent was obtained from her relatives. It was a complicated time, very difficult for everyone, fortunately, it was a favorable outcome for the patient. In a short period of time, we took care of Another 16-year-old pregnant woman was also in a very serious condition in a hospital, and we saved her life, but we are very concerned about the increase in complications in these cases and the consequent consequences for expectant mothers. risks of.”

lessons for the future

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the microphone 26 They respect the pain of the two teens, but one of them assures that she doesn’t want any girl to go through a moment of panic and uncertainty, that she has to live in a green room, clinging to the world, her only hope is to be able to Chances are too long to keep her creature healthy.

“Here, we put our hands on our chests and call on the public, the parents, that they must realize that teenage pregnancy is a real danger for pregnant women because their bodies are not ready for another life,” notes the statement. Master’s Degree in Medical Emergency.

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“We talk to them with complete certainty because in these properties complications stemming from the stages are indeed known and unfortunately at the best of times they cause a lot of pain and fear.

“These two stories are not isolated incidents. In the service, we see many complications related to this phenomenon. It is related to the preparation of the body of pregnant women. If they have anemia, malnutrition, immunosuppression, urinary road infections because they carry risk factors that can lead to more serious complications.”

Alerts from agencies

Dr. Eloísa Corría Salgado, Head of Perinatal Services.Dr. Eloísa Corría Salgado, head of perinatal services, emphasized that it is increasingly common in the institution to deal with pregnant adolescents, who are also in the process of The most complex group, because they are not biologically prepared, have risk factors for conditions such as preeclampsia, which often send them to intensive care.

“Beyond the numbers, I can confirm that the largest number of pregnant women currently in intensive care are adolescents. In fact, the number of maternal deaths in Las Tunas this year has been among adolescents. We are concerned about the severity of urinary tract infections with The pregnancies we see are related and people underestimate them. Not only does this have an effect on the complications of the mother, but it also has an effect on CIUR (intrauterine growth retardation) causing him to spend a long time in the neonatology unit” .

The gynecologist-level specialist also expressed her concern that the province has some of the most disadvantaged figures in the country, but her shock went further and sought awareness within the family.

“I’m appalled by the phenomenon of teen pregnancy and let me tell you we’re not just talking about 18-year-old girls, we’re taking very young patients here.

“A few days ago, in the infirmary, I interrupted the pregnancy of an 11-year-old girl with pills. When I asked her mother, she told me she was in fifth grade and the truth is, people are worried because it’s too early .Now we have another 14-year-old girl hospitalized with a stunted fetus.”

Physicians stress that fetuses with CIUR have a high chance of being born prematurely, life-threatening, heart disease, diabetes, neurological disorders, and suboptimal psychomotor development, even at later stages of development.

One maternal death and 30 more teenage pregnancies than in the previous period underscored that this is the main health problem currently facing Las Tunas. Today, 18% of every 100 pregnant women fall into this age group, and the number of beds in the intensive care unit is still increasing and so far remains well balanced.

In addition to more accurate management within the household, there is a lack of a multisectoral approach, which goes beyond public health; and the timely involvement of all local authorities and a collective desire to fight for survival.

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