“It’s always stressful.” Olya Polyakova arranged a beach photo shoot with her daughter in the Maldives

Olya Polyakova with her daughter Masha (Photo: instagram.com/polyakovamusic)

Popular singer Olya Polyakova, who celebrates her birthday on January 17, shared vivid family photos.

The 37-year-old artist is enjoying a luxurious vacation in the Maldives. Polyakova published a series of pictures on her Instagram page, in which she was captured in the company of her eldest daughter, 15-year-old Maria.

Mom and daughter appeared in the images from the famous TV series Malibu Rescuers and arranged a beach photoshoot in the same red one-piece swimsuits.

We took little pictures. It’s always stressful, always a scandal, but we don’t see the lifeguard of the Maldives in action! We liked it, did you? ”- wrote the star.

Photo: instagram.com/polyakovamusic

Many subscribers noted that Maria inherited the figure of the famous mother: “Mom’s copy”, “So similar”, “Two incredible princesses”, “Mom just gave birth to a copy of herself,” they write on the Web.

Photo: instagram.com/polyakovamusic
Photo: instagram.com/polyakovamusic
Photo: instagram.com/polyakovamusic

Previously, Polyakova was criticized for vacationing at an expensive exotic resort, because the singer has repeatedly publicly opposed quarantine restrictions, arguing that ” artists have nothing to live for.”