“It’s an Open Secret”: Tatiana Talks About the Tragic Death of Luis Miguel’s Mother

Luis Miguel.

The disappearance of Marcela Basteri, mother of Luis Miguel, remains a mystery that few want to talk about and although it is a sensitive issue, several years ago the version arose that he would have died tragically at a party, a rumor that singer Tatiana recalled.

It was during an interview for the show program ‘Ventaneando’, where the children’s music star spoke of the occasion when she and her mother, Diana Perla Chapa, were in the care of Sergio, “El Sol’s” younger brother during a trip from Spain to Mexico.

“We did not go for him, it was a coincidence that Luisito Rey through Miguel Blasco told us that if we could take Sergio to Mexico with Luisito Rey’s mother who was going to take him: ‘there take a look at him because my mother She is a very old woman ‘ and that’s how it was, ”he said.

Ensuring that the idea of ​​them taking care of the little one was a last-minute favor that Luisito Rey asked them: “I think Luis Miguel didn’t know, Luisito Rey saw us at the airport and said: ‘Hey, I need to ask Very big favor, that if you take care of Sergio while he flies to Mexico ‘ “,

“The queen of children” recalled that when they arrived in Mexico, two men were already waiting for the child and his grandmother:

“When we landed they were already waiting for them, I don’t remember who. I remember that there were two gentlemen, men who were going to pick them up, tall ”, he added.

Although it was only during the 12-hour flight, Tatiana clearly remembers some physical characteristics of the little boy, whom she described as charming: “He was a beautiful boy with hair like this, but not blond brown like Luis Miguel’s, with a very big, very cute and very beautiful child, very smiling, “he added.

How did Luis Miguel’s mother die?

However, a detail that he could not overlook was the absence during this trip of Marcela Basteri, the boy’s mother, who presumably would have already died:

” I think Marcela was already dead because that was very strange to us that she was going to Mexico without her mother,” he explained.

Ensuring that at that time the rumor of the tragic way in which Luis Miguel’s mother died was already running.

” We all know that it is not alive, it is an open secret in the artistic environment, especially of the elderly, of important people within television and magazines and the media, that was known “.

Returning to the version in which they claimed she died drowned in a pool.

“She had died at a party in Italy or Spain, I don’t remember, that’s right (she died drowned in a pool). It’s what I know, what I found out. Open secret ”, he pointed out.


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