It’s another: Abel Pintos “permanently” changed his appearance and surprised

Saturday, January 15, 2022


The strong and special bond that exists between the beloved singer Abel Pintos and his followers, makes the artist want to share special moments of his life with the more than 1.8 million people who appear on his Instagram account every day.

In this scenario, not only the news of his artistic career were shared by Abel, but also some of the most intimate moments of his life. In this aspect, in the last few hours he shared a photo with which he revealed a “permanent” change.

“The time for perms has come”, wrote the singer with a carousel in which he showed that from now on he must wear permanent glasses to see better. To start doing it, he chose some round brown frames that gradually fade to a darker brown.

In this way, Abel showed good taste as he received compliments from his followers, because the shape of the frame he chose was consistent with his face and fit him very well.

“Welcome to the club”, “Welcome to the group of perms! They look great on you!!!!!!!” and “As soon as you come to Mendoza, you go through my optics and I’ll make you some glasses!!!! Greetings !!!”, were some that his fans left him.

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