It’s daring! Watch as She plays with the balls, Chop up non-stop


Here’s the beautiful Video for the Super Bowl.

She is a singer from colombia, it is considered to be The “queen of Latin pop”, and it is not by chance, because the singer has always done his best to win the title.

It started just like any other artist, he has shown over the years that it doesn’t look like anyone else, for Shaki, but it is also well-known for all of his fans, he won the hearts of each and every one of them.

They find themselves, during the two years, with a little bit on the social networks, we’ve found a video of the singer, who rose to the Tiktok, and he has shared on his account of Instagram, where you can see the Video playing in the american football.

The video, which we quote the following Ten days until the Super Bowl. Is A step up in our preparations! #sbliv #superbowl @nfl”, then this commentary is accompanied by several emotions to depict the iconic figure of the sport.

Among the comments to that obtained in the audio-visual material, namely: “it is Not by chance that the popular proverb says…”, the third one is going to expired…” and “I love You Amooooo!”. In addition to this, the video has been played over 6 million times.